Fourth day at Miyazaki training camp-Team Director Shinto   

Comment from Team Director Katsuyoshi Shinto after finishing the fourth day of the Miyazaki training camp
(Tulio and Abe who joined the camp training late seem to be doing well.)
Since they joined the team, we have a good trainer and a doctor looking after them. It is good that we got together and work together as a team from now.
(Are they making a good recovery?)
Our team doctor is examining them and will give their results to the trainer. As the trainer must have his own ideas and opinions, I can not make any comment at this stage as to how they will progress.
(Did they have a thorough examination after they joined the Miyazaki camp?)
I am not sure if the examination they went through can be regarded as a thorough examination. I have not received any detailed account from the doctor.
(Is it possible for Abe to play in the National Team’s match against Bahrain?)
As I have not received any account from the doctor, I am not sure. We will find out from now. After receiving a report from the doctor, we will contact Mr. Koyama, Team Coordinator of the Japanese National Team. We are trying to have close contact with the National Team. We will make the decision with them.
(He seemed to have been doing well judging by his running training this morning.)
The trainer must have made the decision that he would be able to do that. However, the team doctor assisted the training in the afternoon session. So, I guess they are still trying to see how well he can cope.
(The club must feel that they should work together with the Japanese National Team. However, is it possible to do so in regards to Abe?)
We always want him to join the National Team in his best condition. We want him to do well in the National Team. We understand that the National Team is keen to have members they require. However, it is not so difficult to understand why we cannot send a member to the National Team if his condition is not the best.
(Hopefully, he will recover well enough to go back to the National Team. But, what do you think if he has to have a different adjustment program even when he returns to the National Team?) That’s right. If he has to have a different adjustment program even when he returns to the National Team, we must question if he is capable of playing the level of soccer required by the team. I think that the report given by our team doctor today will help us decide whether or not he can go back to the National Team.
(He was playing with the National Team at their pace. But, now he is back with Urawa Reds and practicing at a different pace. It must be difficult to make the decision if he is still able to play well with the national team.)
It won’t be so difficult if we have some kind of benchmark. I know for sure that the aims of the National Team’s training camp and that of Urawa Reds are different. As he has just started his rehabilitation program, it is difficult to say anything until he recovers. Meanwhile, it is important to have good communication between the two teams’ doctors and team managers.
(It must be a difficult situation as the National Team has to decide on their members the day after tomorrow.)
It will be disrespectful if we make a comment in that regard. We are trying to have a good relationship with them. We should not ruin the relationship by either of us making some kind of comment.
(What do you think of Tulio?)
I guess I have the same type of impression as you, the press, do. I think Trainer Nozaki knows how Tulio is best.
(Sergio and Horinouchi did not participate in today’s practice.)
They both had some uncomfortable feeling in their old wounds. They had examinations and it turned out nothing was wrong with them. What they will do from now will be left to a future decision.
(The team paid a courtesy visit to the Miyazaki City Government Office and the Miyazaki Prefectural Government today.)
We feel grateful to them. We heard that the Governor has been very busy lately. However, he took his time out of his busy schedule for us. He even put on our uniform. As the Miyazaki beef we were given ranks top in Japan, we hope we can follow the example (lol).
(It seems as though the decision of holding the camp in Miyazaki was made at the last minute.)
We were looking for a place that offers some environment like this. As we learnt that Miyazaki has such a camp site as this, we made the decision.
(Would the team choose Miyazaki as their camp destination again from next year onwards?)
We can not make that decision yet. But, I am very pleased with the camp site and this fantastic weather.
(What is your impression of the first match played against an external team?)
Though the match was also a part of our physical workouts, I think the team played the game with a specific ideal image of soccer in their mind.
(When inviting Coach Morass, did you arrange something with the Austrian association which the coach was a member of?)
We need to establish a cooperative relationship with Austria. At the same time, our club welcoming Mr. Morass as our coach meant we were taking competent personnel away from the association. So it was necessary for us to make a courtesy call to them. For this reason, I paid a visit to the association.
(Have you already decided the second camp destination?)
We will make an announcement when we finalized the details. We would like to make an early announcement once our destination country is decided. We are making various preparations at the moment as it is necessary for us to do everything properly. Our team manger has his own objectives for selecting the destination. We will make our team better through good preparation.