Fifth day at Miyazaki training camp-Team Director Shinto   

Comment from Team Director Katsuyoshi Shinto after finishing the fifth day of the Miyazaki training camp
First of all, I would like to make an announcement regarding our second camp. We have decided on Sydney, Australia as our second camp destination. We are planning to have the camp from 15 to 24 February. This may change slightly depending on our flight schedule and so on. Nonetheless, we are making our preparation based on these dates. We are finalizing the details at the moment.
(Who will the team play their practice matches against? What level would the opponents be?)
There will be several training matches. I am sure you can imagine the level of the opponents we will be playing against as this will be the camp for preparing to play in the league.
(Will all the players participate in the camp?)
We are yet to know.
(What was the cause of the big delay in making the decision? Was it because the team was making a cautious selection?)
We must have good preparation in every aspect. We value such a preparation phase just like we have done for this Miyazaki training camp.