Column “large score brought first 3 consecutive wins”  

We achieved our first 3 consecutive wins in the league on 15th April 1995.

Overall, the 1995 season was a great one for us as we made a huge step to become a winning team although we finished at the bottom of the table the past 2 seasons since the start of J.League. However, the start of the 1995 season was not smooth as well. We lost our opening game. Though we managed to win our 2nd game at our home, we lost the next 4 games. There were some good games but we just could not score. As a result, the last goal we had was Uwe Bein’s goal in the 72nd minute in the 2nd game against Shimizu at the end of the 6th game.

In the 7th game, which was held at Osaka Nagai No.2 Athletics Stadium on 8th April 1995, we faced Cerezo Osaka who was just promoted to J.League. Both teams could not find the net at the end of 90 minutes. The score line after the first half of extra time was 0-0. However, Fukuda finally managed to score a golden goal at the 5th minute from the restart of extra time. This gave us victory for the first time after 5 games. The next game which was held on 12th April went into extra time as well. It was against Yokohama Marinos who was leading the league at that time. With the score tied at 2-2, Bein scored a goal in the 14th minute of extra time to give Reds’ victory.

The 9th game held on 15th April was played at our home ground at that time, Omiya Ground. Facing Kashiwa Reysol, we were building on the momentum after 2 consecutive wins. Our tactic was to defend and counterattack. In the 22nd minute, Bein scored the opening goal and Fukuda added the 2nd goal in the 37th minute. Bein then scored the 3rd goal in the 47th minute after having been awarded a penalty. We continued attacking as the opponent had 1 player sent off. From a corner kick, Buchwald hit the post and the ball rebounded back into play. He tried again to slot the ball in but the ball hit a defender and bounced back again. On his 3rd attempt, he managed to bury the ball in the back of the net and we went on to win the game 4-0.

Although we could not find the 5th goal on the day, 4 goals scored equalled our previous record. It was the first time we achieved 3 consecutive wins in a row. The cherry blossom petals in the Omiya park were falling as if they were also supporting the players together with the supporters.

【Urawa Reds Official Media (URD : OM) 】