After playing the match against Yokohama F. Marinos - Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup/A 2nd Sec against Yokohama F. Marinos
The first five minutes after the match started, we had good luck and ten minutes before the match finished we had an excellent goal keeper. I also think that we played really well between those two time periods even though how well we played varied depending on the time. Our team is advancing forward at the moment with different style. Under such situation, it cannot be helped if we have several mistakes. However, when we could win a game like we did today, it will boost the confidence of the players a lot. I think this will also help our future development. For this reason, I am very much pleased with our victory today.
I also think that the result we had today was one of the great success experiences for those players who played in the match today. The numbers of players who can play in the team are gradually decreasing. This does not just mean Tulio and Tatsuya who joined the national team. On top of those two, Edmilson retired today and Hosogai will not join until next week. For this reason, we have a limited numbers of field players at this moment. But, we were able to have such a good result despite this fact.
As you can also imagine, we would have felt much more relaxed had we had a strong centre full back player at the back who was good at aerial play such as Tulio towards the end of the game, especially the last ten minutes. This is because Marinos also kicked several long balls with center full back players who were good at heading. For this reason, if we had players who were able to clear the ball by heading, we would have had a more stable defense. I would also have felt much more relieved if that had been the case. Our team is still developing. After a few more months, I believe the team will be able to score additional goals in a match such as 50 to 80 minutes into the game during today’s game. However, considering how the team played during the time other than I just mentioned, I think our team reacted correctly (today).

(Offensive play from the opponent team in the last ten minutes of the game was expected. There was some risky moment when the opponent team went around the back in addition to the aerial play. What did you think about this?)
I do not wish to make detailed comment here at this moment about this. That was right that several players were not stable in their positions and the opponent team took advantage of the space that was not guarded. As a matter of fact, there were similar situations that took place three or four times. It was true that this happened “too many” times.

(How do you assess the play of the two young players, Haraguchi and Naoki Yamada today?)
I want to be careful when I make a comment to a question such as this. As a matter of fact, I spend such a long time with many young players in my long career. There were many excellent players who developed under my guidance and became national team players. I am very much content with their development at the moment.

(I assume good performance of young players has a good effect on middle-level players. What do you think about this?)
What I always tell young players is that “young players must run on the pitch more than senior players do”. I think how much they move is important. I think they develop themselves a lot when they move a lot.
When young players grow and have enough experience, players who are younger than themselves will join the team. When this happens, they will be in the position of telling younger players that they should run more than they do. The real situation of the team shows that there are several senior players who require support from such young players in terms of their “running”. That being said, those senior players have excellent strategic minds and they do not require any support in terms of ball handling. But, they require support from young players in terms of the flow of matches, tempo, speed and amount of movement. For this reason, I hope young players can make a contribution to the team in this regard.
The lucky thing about being young is that they can still make mistakes. If they make many mistakes even when they become senior players, then this will be a problem. However, when young players make some mistakes, they will usually be forgiven. Of course, the number of mistakes they make should not increase in number. If they can reduce the number of mistakes they make on the pitch after having many different experiences, they will be able to prove their talents in the real sense.