After playing the match against Vissel Kobe-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Thirty Forth Sec. against Vissel Kobe

I truly regret what had happened on the pitch today. It was meant to be such a special day for us for so many reasons. I had decided to use Mizuki Hamada in a centre back position for the match we played today. However, he was not able to catch up with the match at all. But, I have no intention of criticizing the player. After all, I made the decision to use him as a manager. Therefore, I am responsible for what had happened today including the several mistakes he has made.

The loss we had today was not caused by just one player. There were so many other factors to it. Our team created many scoring opportunities during the first half of the match. However, our team was not able to score any goals in our opponent’s penalty area. Some players had managed to kick the ball in order to score a goal. But, many players were not able to make the most of the opportunities they had, which resulted in the loss of the game today.

Our team faced a very common scenario today. When playing soccer, many players wish to perform perfectly to be successful or to bring pleasure to their fans. However, when this is the case, players become rigid. They also become apprehensive. As a result, they struggle to show their true performance capability or can not use their true potentials for the team. And, this was what happened to us. It is true that our team had such a regrettable result on the final day of J League matches. However, every one of us must stand up again and make preparations for the Emperor’s Cup. A tough away match is waiting for the team in Osaka.
What we have to do at the moment is to repeat the performance we had during the two matches we played before the previous match. We must play like we did back then when we played away matches against Kawasaki and Yokohama. This is what we have to do. We still have some time before the Emperor’s match. For this reason, we must invest all we have into the match we will play against Gamba Osaka so that we will be able to show a high-quality performance like we did during the two matches I have just mentioned.
We should not let the fact that I will be gone or Robson Ponte will leave the team interfere with our performance in the Emperor’s Cup. The team must focus solely on the match regardless of such other issues. These types of things happen in the soccer sphere. For this reason, every single player should switch his mind quickly to focus on the next match to have good preparation for the match. During today’s match, many players certainly wanted to play for Ponte or the managers of the team. However, when such feelings become too strong, many players become very stiff and do not perform to their full potentials. Our team had created a big concern at a relatively early stage of the match today. As there were several mistakes involving center back players, our team gave a performance which they should not have shown today. In order not to repeat the same mistakes ever again, our team has to remain concentrated on the forthcoming match.

The performance we had today was the worst performance we have had during the season. This is a fact that we have to recognize. For this reason, we all have to change our minds and make good preparation for the Emperor’s Cup. The final comment from me would be to stop crying and remain focused during our tough training to do the best we can during the next match.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]