After playing the match against Vegalta Sendai-Team Manager Finke   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Twelfth Sec. against Vegalta Sendai

Considering the content of the match today, I am very disappointed by the result. However, I have no intention of making complaints about neither the team’s play style nor the quality of their performance. This is because the team played such high quality soccer for a sustained period of time despite that fact it was an away match for them. We know that we should have won the match and scored three points especially when we played as well as we did today. We should not have lost the goal and we should have scored second and third goals during the first half of the match.
But, what is important for me is to have every player to continue to train themselves and practice by believing in the path we are taking as well as the philosophy and the play style of the team. I believe that if we can improve our play style and play quality, we will be able to achieve good results. Today’s match was the last league match before the mid term break. I was hoping to have the team rank among the top teams in the ranking. However, we were short of two or three more points. But, I hope to catch up with the top teams over the next 22 matches after the mid team break.
There are two ways to improve the team’s potential. One is to uphold the strong belief and philosophy to improve the overall quality of the team by going through a necessary process. Another is to invite many players who are complete by paying lots of money to win the league in such a short period of time. Though there are two different ways to improve the team’s potential, we are going through a necessary process with a strong conviction. As you are aware, there is not abundant funding in the soccer sphere. For this reason, we are going thorough the process we are by taking our future into consideration.
Last but not least, there is a very important thing for me to comment on. Many people have told me that the weakness of our team is our center back position. People have told me that we are disadvantaged since we do not have players who are over 185 centimeters tall. To be honest with you, I have been quite surprised by such comments. This is because Nobuhisa Yamada’s areal play and header play is fantastic. He has such a fantastic jump and good timing sense. Nobuhisa Yamada covers his height with fantastic techniques.
Nobuhisa Yamada was away today because of his cold. However, the young talented defense player Spiranovic played in the match instead today. Though he is still only 21 years old, I think Spiranovic has proved that he is a very talented soccer player with high ability who can construct the match from behind. This was what I wanted to convey to you before our mid term break. I wanted to inform everyone that our team has players who are capable of playing headers.

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