After playing the match against the Kashima Antlers-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League first sec. against the Kashima Antlers
The team could not perform well for all of the ninety minutes today. Unfortunately, as they were not able to score any goals, the result we had reflected the reality. However, our team is working on the new 4-4-2 system from this season. Considering this is the case, I would say that the team played well at times during the match. What we should not forget about is our opponent we played against today. We played against a fantastic team today. It was very clear that the team had been working as one for a long time. Today’s opponent was a very formidable team.
Having said that, I felt quite angry twice during the match today, once during the first half and another during the second half. We lost our goal after the free kick during the first half and later after the corner kick during the second half. We were making attacks but we received the opponent’s counter attacks and we lost our goals. It should not have happened especially playing at the high level as we do. However, that was what happened today and we lost two goals like this. I regret very much that this had happened.
(In regards to the offensive against the opponent’s counter attacks, was it the team or individual players to blame?)
I think both the team and individual players were to blame. Mistakes made by individual players led to our loss of goal especially during the first half of the game. As I gave the team some advice and instructions during half time in this regard as to what players needed to be aware, I felt very angry when the team lost the goal during the second half of the game. Right after the second half started, the score became zero to two. I did not want to imagine that our team had to continue to play like that. I was very much disappointed in this regard. Certainly, there were some mistakes made by individual players. But, as for the team, players who were close to the ball were very slow to switch from the offensive to the defense mid way through the game. I think this was also one of the reasons we lost our goals.
However, we should not forget to congratulate the Kashima Antlers. It became very clear to me after observing today’s game that it is proven that the Antlers had grown to be a very strong team over the long years. They were switching very quickly from defense to offensive when they were going to make an attack. The two forward players seemed to know each other very well and they had a very good combination. For these reasons, I think they are an excellent team of high quality. I was able to feel that they were united. I would like to congratulate them once again for this reason. But, it would have been interesting to see what kind of reactions the Antlers had shown if we were able to lead the game one to zero.
(In terms of making attacks, even though the team made good passes, this did not lead to scoring goals. What do you think about this? How hard was the pressing of the Antlers?)
It was true that team was not able to make many final decisive passes that would lead to some points despite the fact that they were making good passes. Unfortunately, it was also the case that the team was not able to pass the ball in the direction where it would be difficult for the opponent team to deal with. In this sense, we did not have many chances to create decisive winning opportunities. Having said that, Genki Haraguchi took advantage of a good situation created by the combination play of the team and made a good scoring opportunity after about five to six minutes in the first half of the game. I think that Genki was also able to go into the penalty area of the opponent team in such a good way. However, unfortunately it was pronounced foul. I thought it could have been a penalty kick. If we could have made the game result one to zero in our favor at this point, we must have had an entirely different game. However, I do not want to criticize the team too much. When I criticize the team, I want to make constructive criticism. The team had a 3-5-2 system for a long time. I mean a really long time. Therefore, when they started to play with a new system, everything does not necessarily go well. For this reason, I think I must allow them enough time.
(You put Edmilson and Nobuhisa Yamada in for the second half of the game. What was your intention for this?)
Nobuhisa Yamada is one of the team players who have very high skills. As you know, due to reasons such as the system they were using until recently, our team does not have many back players for both right side and left side. However, as Yamada has such excellent skills that he can also play in the side back position. Not only can he contribute to the team as a defender but also he can make fantastic passes when we make an attack from the defensive position. By considering Yamada’s capability as an individual player as well as his capacity to play well as a team player, I decided to put him in the match. As for Edmilson, he is an excellent player who can always go to the front line even when our opponent is leading the game. He can create opportunities for the team to score goals. Not only can he assist the team but also score goals by himself. Certainly, it was unfortunate that having them in the team did not lead to any points or assistance this time. But, I had such intentions when I put these two players in to play today.