After playing the match against Omiya Ardija-Team Manager Finke   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Twenty Fifth Sec. against Omiya Ardija

We played very differently during the first half and the second half of the match today. I think our team was able to play really well for a long time during the first half. I believe that we were able to show what a fascinating sport soccer is today. Our team controlled the game really well and the players were proactive in building up their own style of game during the first half of the match today. Considering the difficult situation we have at the moment, this is something I have to praise.
When we lost a goal, naturally, some of the players started to get a little nervous. Many of the players are really aware that our team lost many points unnecessarily during this season. For this reason, some of the players started to feel rushed and lost control of the ball after we lost the goal. There is no denying this. Since we were leading the match with the score of 2 to 0, our team could have controlled the ball quickly in a calmer manner. However, some players kicked unnecessary long balls under some situations.
When long balls are kicked to the front line, it is often the case that the ball is kicked back to the back again. I thought that our team was not able to perform well when this happened. However, having said that, considering the overall match, our team was able to perform well and win the match today. I certainly have to commend the team for this and evaluate their performance positively.
As a basic rule, I do not criticize referees so please take what I am going to say in a neutral setting. I thought today there were three situations where penalty kicks could have been given. I felt that we should have been given a penalty kick opportunity at least once. I believe that the referees did a remarkable job overall, however, they could have blown the whistle for at least one penalty kick.

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