After playing the match against Oita Trinita-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup/A Third Sec. against Oita Trinita
The match we had today was such an interesting match for me. This was because I had to change many players during the match due to various reasons and I was able to introduce those players who have not played in official matches recently. I gained valuable information through this experience and I am not too pessimistic about the result.
Considering the content of the match we had today, I think the result was reasonable. It was not like some of the players got injured. Now, I would like to prepare the team well for the next match we play on Sunday. It is quite likely that Tulio and Nobuhisa Yamada who were not able to come with us this time will join the team for the next match. For this reason, I would like to get the team including them ready for the weekend match.
In regards to the Nabisco Cup, we have four points so far in the preliminaries and we still have a good chance of playing in the final tournament. What we should not forget is that the first three matches we played in the Nabisco Cup were all away matches. We will be playing more home matches from now. For this reason, we should not feel too pessimistic about the four points we have so far.
What I would like to say to those young players who played today is that we already played all three away matches in the Nabisco Cup. I want to convey to them that as we will be playing three home matches from now, we should work on our preparation hard so that we can have a good result. This is because those players who are playing for the national team will be away to join the national team again due to their activities. For this reason, young players will play in several matches from now. I am sure that playing in the Nabisco Cup home matches will be a valuable experience for them.

(Both teams had young players playing for the match. What do you think of Japanese young football players in general?)
As I am invited to Japan as a guest at the moment, I do not want to say some things that are too critical. However, generally speaking, I think they need more experience playing in actual matches. Unfortunately, there are not many official matches for second teams to play in reality. It is a pity when I think of the development opportunities for young players. I think it is necessary for them to be able to play in more official matches.
However, it is not my intention to make any criticisms here. What I just shared with you was a piece of information based on my past experience. We have a young player in my team who only played fully in eight official matches last season. It is a real pity. It is not good enough that a player only plays in such limited numbers of matches. For this reason, they should be given more opportunities to play in official matches.
There is also another issue in Japan as well as in Europe, for team managers of top teams to use many young players in many different matches. It is, in a way, a huge risk for them.
This is because young players make mistakes. They have the right to make mistakes. However, by them making mistakes, the team’s result may turn out to be bad or the team may be ranked low in the chart. When this is the case, team managers may well be put under lots of pressure. For this reason, I can understand why team managers are reluctant to use young players or prefer to use more experienced players over young ones when they are in a difficult situation.
I certainly understand how hard it is to be a team manger and why team mangers think it is better to use older players than younger ones so that it will decrease the risk. Based on my past experience, I can say that the chance of winning a goal in a difficult match will be increased when the team has older and more experienced players on the pitch. For this reason, I am well aware of the risk of using young players. Nonetheless, I would like to give them as many chances as I can.
I said earlier that “young players have the right to make mistakes”. What is most important is for them to make mistakes in front of many spectators in a good stadium. If they can do this, they can learn so many things from their mistakes. It is important for the young players of our team to make mistakes in front of 40,000 to 50,000 spectators, preferably in our Saitama Stadium in front of 55,000 spectators. I do not think they can learn much if they make mistakes in front of no one. For this reason, it is important to try to use young players in official matches held in their home stadium. By doing so, they can learn a lot through their mistakes.
Having said what I just said, as I am responsible for the entire team, I must keep the balance of the team right in terms of the players’ age. It is also necessary for the entire club to support such an approach of the team manger when he tries to use young players proactively. In responding to the question, I think I spoke a lot more than I originally intended to (lol). Please do not take my comment in a wrong way.