After playing the match against Nagoya Grampus-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Nineteenth Sec. against Nagoya Grampus
First of all, I must say that many of those who came to the stadium today went home disappointed. I would like to apologies for this. We wanted to win the match we played today and get three points in our home stadium especially as it was after the defeat we had when we played against Oita. However, unfortunately, things we wish for do not necessarily happen all the time. In regards to the match we had today, the reality was harsher than what we hoped for. Also, our desire to win the game was so strong that it might have had a negative impact on the match.
What we wanted to really achieve was to win the home game and get three points. But, the match turned out to be very difficult for us. Our opponent led the match and as a result, some of our players repeatedly made the type of mistakes that they do not usually make. They had a one-track mind and as a result they repeatedly made mistakes. I think the kind of soccer we played was a very disappointing one. However, we can not deny that we lost two games in a row. We would like to learn a lot from these two matches. I would like you to understand that not only our spectators but also the coaches and players are all very much disappointed. At the same time, I do not want you to forget that we have a strong determination to learn from the mistakes we made during the match we had today so that we can play better next time.
As for the first 20 minutes into the second half of the game, I do not think we did too poorly. Instead, I think we were doing better around that time. However, we were not able to make the most of the chances we created during that time. After 20 minutes into the second half, our opponent started to play better and they made the most of the scoring chances they created. As this was the case, we sensed that today’s match would be a very difficult one for us to play when the score became 0 to 2. Nonetheless, we should not forget that the soccer we played during the first 20 minutes into the second half of the game was not too bad.
We will have to play three matches over the next eight days. We now face the harsh reality that not only did we lose the first match of the three matches today but also that we have more injured players. As you know, to be honest with you, I took the risk of using Naoki Yamada and Tsuboi today. However, another player got injured again during today’s match. The first match we played today has made our situation very difficult. However, we would like to prepare ourselves as well as we can for the next two matches.