After playing the match against FC Tokyo - Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League second Sec. against FC Tokyo
This was the first home game for me. When I visited Japan three months ago, fans and supporters were cheering the team until the last moment. However, the team lost that day. For this reason, I really wanted to bring a good result today. I think the three points we got for my first home match were very valuable.
We were able to score a goal at a very early stage of the match. I think the team performed really well. However, it was unfortunate that our opponent caught up with us by scoring a goal during the match. When this happened, our team did not play that well for about ten to fifteen minutes. Instead, FC Tokyo played really well.
However, our team’s performance improved after half way through the first half of the game. When we had half time, I thought that we were able to have a good result, if the team could continue to perform as they did at the end of the first half of the match. This is all what I would like to say.

(The team’s performance improved from half way through the first half.)
First of all, positioning of the team as a whole improved. Then, each player started to pick up good pace when changing moves. I thought their movement improved greatly as well. I think the performance of the team as a whole improved thanks to these reasons.

(Tulio was an initiator for the second goal and Tsuboi had a decisive role in scoring the third point. Was the Defenders’ good attacking performance just by chance or a logical consequence?)
I do not think our team will be having attacking players scoring many goals as it is often the case towards the end of a season. This is because we would like to have every player in each different position to create chances to score goals. As a matter of fact, players such as Abe, Keita and Tulio in their own positions can participate in the offensive at the right time so that they can be the initiators for a new attack. I believe that they can actually create winning opportunities by doing so. Of course, it requires some time to play football like this. But, I would like to continue to work on these points.
As for Tulio, he had other chances of scoring goals on top of when just mentioned. He also had a chance to score a goal by himself. For this reason, in order to play good combination football, it is also important to have defense players to come to the front line to participate in the offensive. However, this idea is not my original idea. I think we must work on combination football as a team.

(What was your intention of introducing Takahara and having four attackers including Ponte at the early stage of the second half of the game? How do you think team performed after that?)
Firstly, I spoke with the team about many things this morning. At that time, I told the team that I do not want to look for whom to blame as I saw in several sports newspapers over the past few days. This is because when a team loses points, the team caused the loss of points as a whole rather than one particular player and this is also the case when the team scores some points. As this is the case, I will not put the whole responsibility on one particular player nor do I change players because of that. However, as part of my concept, I will often change two or three players during a match.
I value how players perform in their daily training. As for the match held today, Edmilson was put in the match as he had shown great performance in daily training sessions. He showed great performance during today’s match as well just like he did in training. In regards to Nobuhisa Yamada, looking at how he played, I thought he was like a very “young” player. I did not think he looked 33 years old. For this reason, I think that what is important is how players perform during training. I am sure I will change the members of players who play in matches in the future. I will be happy if you regard this as part of the team concept.
But, I hope you do not have the wrong impression. I do not mean to say our performance today was fantastic. Some part of it was of course great. However, I think it will still take more time for us.

(What do you think of winning three points for the first time since you became a team manager of a club in Japan?)
The three points we earned today were certainly the first winning points I had in Japan. However, I think the value of the points is the same regardless whether we had them during the opening match or mid way through the season. I had been a team manager in Germany for a very long time. But, my team was a relatively small team. However, the first winning of three points I had in the Bundesliga was against the prestigious Borussia Dortmund. Of course, FC Tokyo is not Borussia Dortmund and the J. League is not the German Bundesliga. However, we should not forget that any winning three points is valued the same regardless where you play or whom you play against.

(What was your intention of introducing Horinouchi in the match?)
I want to be frank with you regarding this matter. There are always very good and valuable players in the team. Horinouchi is one of them. Considering how he trains himself and how he behaves in the team, I truly think that he is a very professional player. However, as he had several injuries, he was not able to attend all the training sessions as he planned originally. Nonetheless, he remains to be a very valuable player. As you know, we have a 4-4-2 system from this season onwards.
This means that there will not be three center full back players on the pitch like there were last year. In this regard, you may think we have one less defense player. But, as Horinouchi is a very important player who is well recognized by his team, I would like him to be on the pitch no matter how short the time may be so that he will not lose his good sense handling the ball and playing in matches.