After playing the match against Albirex Niigata-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke after playing in the J. League Ninth Sec. against Albirex Niigata.
Today’s match was the most difficult match for us since I was appointed to be the team manager of Reds. In regards to the first half of the game, we played well by creating good scoring opportunities. However, we could not score goals easily. As for the second half of the game, the first thirty minutes, the team played terribly. As I had expected, the opponent team had four excellent attackers and they have proven during the match today that they are capable of striking goals with many different styles at any time.
Having said this, I think it was appropriate that we won the match today. This is because we created more scoring opportunities than our opponent team did. We were also able to show our “never give up” mentality.
Also, last but not least, I must say that we have 20 points after playing today’s match. This is something we should celebrate. In a way, I feel that the team earned 20 points surprisingly earlier than I had expected. This is because the team started to work on many new things from this season. When starting something new, it would take a long time to gain a good result. By having won the match today, we scored many points. I feel grateful for having 3 points today with having good luck on our side.
Winning a match would allow us more time. We still require more time in order to play better soccer in the future.
I would also like to say the following before our team gets too many harsh criticisms. I would like to commend the players who played on the pitch as well as all the players of the team today. They had to go through many things since the start of this season. They have a new team manger, three new coaches as well as a new team director. On top of that, the team has a new PR section head and a new director. They had to go through many changes like this. Under such difficult circumstances, we have positive support. I think all players deserve to be commended for archiving good results despite such a difficult changing environment.
Having 20 points already at this stage is the result of our players making such good efforts and playing well to achieve good results.
By taking this opportunity, I would also like to express my appreciation for all our fans and supporters, especially those who visited the stadium. It may be natural for us to receive harsh criticisms considering the several changes the team is going through. We may be booed by our supporters in the stadium. But, our fans and supporters have always been on our side and supporting us so strongly. For this reason, I would like to thank them for their support by taking this opportunity.

(What kind of instructions did you give to the team after one opponent player being sent off?)
I considered many things when our team had one more player than our opponent. As you know, when a team has one more player than its opponent team, it would be more difficult for the team to play a game. I am not trying to make an excuse. Anyone who has experience in the football sphere would understand what I am trying to say. For this reason, I introduced Alex so that we can attack the left side as much as possible. Even though he should have played in the left side position, he did not go into that position. Since this was the case, I was yelling loudly to give him the instruction as you saw earlier.
Having said all this, I think Alex played excellently during the last five minutes of the game. He made several accurate cross kicks from the left side. Alex is capable of making excellent deliveries. For this reason, I substituted him into the game as I wanted to focus more on the attacks from the side.
As for Naoki Yamada, he had one yellow card already. Our opponent had a player who was sent off for his second yellow card. As such, if Naoki had made a little foul, we might have had to lose him for his second yellow card. For this reason, I sent him off to the bench.
It is very difficult to play a game with 10 on 11 players. This is because the players of the team with one extra player would unconsciously stop running. On the other hand, the players of the team with one less player start to run five percent more. Since this is the case, it is very difficult to play a game with 10 on 11. I do not mean to make any excuse by saying all this. But, I am sure you all saw how difficult it was for us to play 10 on 11 and it was a matter of fact that we did not play well during that time.

(You said the team had luck on the side. What do you mean by that?)
Playing soccer always involves some luck. As for the match today, we were lucky to have the time to be able to score the final goal.
But, it was true that our team created more scoring opportunities than our opponent team did. Around that time, we were able to score the final goal by heading play following several corner kicks. Tulio made an excellent header at the right time before then but because of the good defense of the opponent goalkeeper, the shot was blocked.
Overall, it was justified that we won the match today. Scoring the winning goal 93 minutes into the game at the very last moment just before the end of the game was certainly lucky. In terms of the timing, I would say it was luck that assisted us. However, our victory was justified by looking at the overall match.

(Luck assisted the team at such a crucial moment in this season. Now how do does your team continue to play well like they did today?)
What I would like to say first is the fact that we won all four home games we played. I do not think this is just a coincident. As for the match today, we were lucky in a way. But, the fact that we won all four home games is not just a mere coincidence.
I do not mean to discuss some statistics here when I said we won all four home games. But, I do not think that this type of things has happened for a long time. We changed many things during our daily training sessions from this season and this has led the team to develop in the right direction.
Please think about the match we played against Nagoya Grampus. I think our team played really well in Nagoya. The players of Reds must feel proud of themselves for playing well like we did in Nagoya after such a short period of preparation.
But, now that we are having a phase of “English Week” (having two matches in a week), I cannot inflict too much burden on the players during training. As this is the case, I cannot make fine adjustment during our training such as when players should press or how players should run etc. For this reason, I am looking forward to have this English Week to be over soon so that we can prepare ourselves well for our coming matches by having good training.

(Tulio scored the final goal in the end and we believe that Tulio is also hoping to be playing offensive. As such, wasn’t there an option of him coming forward a bit earlier?)
The way we play our games allows him to join the offensive anytime depending on the flow of a game. We were able to witness this during the match we played three days ago (against Simizu S-Pulse) even though the score we had then was 2 to 2. Our team has Tulio, Keita Suzuki and Yuki Abe and these three players move and change their positions flexibly to make an offense. Tulio assumes the center full-back position about 70 to 80 percent of the time. It is part of our play style of having Tulio making attacks about five to six times during each half of the game. It is of course natural for him to come to the front line during a set play to try to score a goal.
This is because he is an excellent aerial player. However, I did not really think of making him bare a final risk. Tulio observes the surrounding situation and understands when to come to the front line. He has the right sense. For this reason, I thought it would be best for Tulio to play on his own judgment depending on the flow and the situation of the game rather than me giving him some instructions. As for the three players I just mentioned (Tulio, Abe and Keita), I regard them as such cleaver and intelligent players. For this reason, I think they are capable of playing as they do.