88th Emperor’s Cup 5th Game vs Yokohama F・Marinos  

The 88th Emperor’s Cup,5th round 15 November 2008 13:00 Kick off at Kagawa prefectural Marugame Stadium

Match Result
Urawa Reds (2-2) Yokohama F・Marinos (Extra-Time 0-0, PK 5-6)

Goals:5min KANO(Yokohama), 20min H.TANAKA(Yokohama), 42min ESCUDERO, 46min HORINOUCHI


Comment of the Gert Engels(Team-Manager)
The result of today’s match was very disappointing. I must say that we had a very bad start. The defense was not quite working well and we gave too much time and space to opponents. We had several loose balls on the front line and could not regain second balls either. Our opponent scored 2 goals earlier in the match so I knew it would be a very difficult match for us. However, we had a positive development from about 15 minutes before the end of the first half and we managed to score a goal. In the second half of the game, we had a different formation and we were able to play the game with our own pace. This was why we were able to score another goal. But, there were too many decisive moments or good opportunities that we had missed.
During extra time, we were evenly matched. But, as our opponent had more long passes, we should have played the game with some more combinations. There were several good chances that we simply missed during extra time as well. We had to go into a penalty shootout, which was understandable considering we both played the game evenly. Having said all this, it was very good that we were able to focus after the opponent scored 2 goals. We managed to catch up and were able to dominate the game. However, we must reflect upon the reasons why we lost 2 goals against our opponent, which I have just explained. We could have won the game if we were able to play the entire game the way we played in the second half.