2009 Agri-field Harvest Festival   

2009 Agri-field Harvest Festival was held at Reds Land on 12th October. 337 people participated in the event.

In the opening ceremony, Corporate Planning Deputy General Manager Shuzo Nakamura gave a speech. “This is going to be the last harvest for this year. Let’s have fun together. Thank you.” Then, JA Saitama Chuou, Agriculture Policy Public Relations Assistant Manager Kouichi Yamashita said, “Thankfully we have fine weather today. We will help out to roast sweet potatoes and prepare for the BBQ. Thank you”.

Manager Hiroshi Muramatsu, Miyuki Yanagita and Kozue Ando of Reds Ladies who have won the Nadeshiko league for the first time participated as guests. “I am happy to be able to announce our victory to you. We have trained and nurtured our players and as a result, we were able to enjoy the fruits of victory. Similarly, let’s enjoy harvesting the sweet potato which we planted 5 months ago and enjoy the fruits of our labour. What is more, sweet potatoes are good for your health”, said Manager Muramatsu receiving a big round of applause.

The event finally moved on to the long awaited harvesting segment. The participants who planted seedlings and put plates for marking purpose on 31st May moved to their spots and harvested big sweet potatoes by using shovels.

Manager Muramatsu, Yanagita and Ando were also engrossed in harvesting their sweet potatoes. Especially, Ando, whose sweet potato was huge, was digging it out from the soil in a careful manner with the help from other participants.

After harvesting the sweet potatoes, a hoopla competition was held. A hoop which was made by bines of sweet potatoes was used. Stone-roasted sweet potatoes were given to the participants to eat. Thereafter, they started the BBQ and had barbecued pork, sausages, onions, pumpkins, carrots etc.

In the prize presentation ceremony, the participant who harvested the heaviest sweet potato was presented a gift. The 2 ladies players who helped out in the presentation commented, “Thanks to your support, we were able to win. Our victory was decided in Kyoto so it was good that we were able to see a lot of people from Saitama today and we are happy to receive your congratulations. I feel the victory is more real now. (Yanagita)”, “It was fun harvesting potatoes and playing hoopla together with you all. Although we won the league, we still have 3 games left. We should win the next game at Komaba and share the joy together with you. Please come to the stadium and support us (Ando)”.

General Administration Manager Morihiko Yamamichi concluded the closing ceremony, “Urawa Reds and Reds Land will continue to promote events based on the town where everyone becomes happy. Our mission is to create smiles and we will continue to put efforts for that. Please give us your continued support”.

After the closing ceremony, some enjoyed playing soccer at the futsal court which was open to public. Others spent relaxing time at the lawn area. Under the clear sky, everyone enjoyed themselves and Reds Land was filled with happy faces.