“Enjoy Festival” at Reds Land  

The 2nd “Enjoy Festival 2009”-Play together with Urawa Reds Ladies! – was held at Reds Land on 23rd September. The event was held exclusively for members of Red Diamonds Supporters’ Club and members of Reds Land.

Manager Hiroshi Muramatsu, players, staff of Urawa Reds Ladies and coaches of Heart-full club participated in the event. 144 people gathered and had a good time.

The event began with President Jiro Uchiki of Red Diamonds Supporters’ Club giving a speech. “I would like to thank you for your participation and making the 2nd Enjoy Festival a success. I hope you can relax and enjoy today. Please continue to give your support to Urawa Reds. I am looking forward to see a successful conclusion to the season.”

President Mitsuo Hashimoto of Urawa Reds mentioned, “I am also looking forward to spending an enjoyable day together. Today is the last day of the long weekend and I hope the families can have a good day. Thank you very much for supporting us and please continue to give your warm support to Reds Ladies and the first team until the very end.”

Coach Koichi Sugiyama of Heart-full Club and Captain Miyuki Yanagita of Reds Ladies warmed up the atmosphere before starting the event.

Shouts from the dodge ball and soccer grounds were not only heard from children but also from parents shouting instructions. Redia family also took part in the event. The family played dodge ball, took photos and shook hands with fans. They then cycled around Reds Land.

A special project of “Red Voltage”, lucky draw and food and drink booths received favourable response and lots of people queued up for them.

The event finished two and a half hours later. Captain Hiroshi Ochiai of Heart-full Club spoke to the children, “You had so much fun today but please do not forget to study”. He then expressed his appreciation, “Thank you very much for today. I hope we will have a chance to hold such an event again”.

Manager Muramatsu of Reds Ladies followed and said, “We played soccer today and I am disappointed that we could not win. However, we hope Reds Ladies will be able to decide the Nadeshiko league championship by winning the game on 18th October that will be held at Komaba. Please come and watch the game and we hope to share the joy of winning the championship with you”. The people there gave him a big round of applause.

Lastly, a lucky draw was held and the event finished.

The artificial ground and tennis courts were opened for participants use. Many families spent the last day of the silver week in Reds Land.

Nozomi Yamago
“I was so disappointed that I was hit many times while playing dodge ball. We are now focusing on winning our games one at a time. I think people we saw today tried not to mention about the championship but I felt the strong expectation from them when giving out tickets. I will do my best in every game after the restart of league.”

Kozue Ando
“I played dodge ball for the first time after a long time and it was fun. I was happy when I could catch a ball well. As for the league, we will work hard in every game, so that we can share the joy of winning the championship at the end. Thank you very much for your support.”