The Urawa Reds Declaration

Urawa Reds are committed to spreading the excitement and joy of football and other sports, nurturing a culture in which sport is a part of everyday life, and creating a richer community and society for future generations.

Core Action Guidelines

  • 1. Urawa Reds shall, as a responsible member of society, contribute to the healthful growth of the young.
  • 2. Urawa Reds shall provide recreational spaces for the local community.
  • 3. Urawa Reds shall serve as a window that connects Saitama to the world.

At Urawa Reds, our raison d’être is to convey important values through sports and generate the more fulfilling community and society that will serve future generations well. We seek through our activities to express the powers of sport, build a community and society where ever more people watch, play and support sporting activities, and nurture sport as an part of our culture. We believe that a society where sport is an intrinsic part of the culture will produce the most fulfilling community and society for future generations.

For these purposes, Urawa Reds work especially hard to contribute to everyone’s lives through our fundamental action guidelines of spreading the hallmark football values of education, vitality and the diversity of intercultural encounters and harmony.  * The Urawa Reds Declaration and Core Action Guidelines are the key statements of what the club is for and what it tries to contribute to the community and society at large.

Contributing to the Healthful Growth of the Young
Football is said to turn the child into the adult and the adult into the gentleman. This is because the sport of football presents us with all sorts of issues on the pitch and in the stadium that help us grow and mature as human beings.

The players, for example, in their quest for victory, encounter many direct challenges in both training and matches. They play by thinking through and finding solutions to each challenge one by one, learn from each result and experience, and then move forward again through fresh training and match play. There, they encounter new problems and issues, and the process of trial and error in search of solutions starts over. This process teaches players how to think things through intelligently and acquire high standards of behaviour. In addition, it teaches the anticipation of situations before they arise both on and off the pitch, and nurtures the imagination to find effective solutions.

Through their victories and defeats, too, the players experience the joys of winning and disappointments of losing, mutual importance of consideration for their opponents, and preciousness of all who provide them with support. When winning, they must never forget their gratitude to their opponents and, when suffering the anguish of defeat, must accept each result with humility and congratulate the team that overcame them. In either case, they have those who provide comfort and those who push them to reach ever higher. The players also learn to appreciate all of them. Football demands intelligence and creativity, the players grow and mature as human beings through their experiences of joy, disappointment and gratitude, and all of this gives football the power to nurture valuable citizens for society at large.

The play and behaviour which these players display, and the coaches and club staff who impart their skills and awareness, forge bonds with the community and foster human and educational values which can help all individuals mature and make society better.

Providing Healthful Recreational Spaces
Recreation is rightly called both a salve for those who are tired through work or study and a source of new vitality. Urawa Reds’ home games are an entertainment space where people, mainly from the local community, can gather to share in that vitality.

The players aim constantly for victory on the field, ever honing their skills for the sport of football, mastering the techniques in body and spirit in the pure, single-minded pursuit their chosen path, and giving their all to the finish of every match. It is a spectacle that produces emotion, empathy and thrills. This is the spectacle of Urawa Reds.

Urawa Reds want as many people as possible to love this club and enjoy giving it their support.

We believe that supporting a team adds richness to life by helping us feel things more keenly, from joy and pleasure to anger and sadness. When large numbers of people gather around a ball, many joys and topics flow back from that single ball to produce comradeship, expand the circle of friendship, build a community and make us ever more deeply aware of the importance of the bonds that hold us together. By providing these spaces, we endeavour to serve a central role in bringing fresh vigour to the whole community.

Connecting Saitama to the World
The sport of football is loved by people all over the world. Domestic and international club competitions are played across Asia and around the planet. Urawa Reds aim to build an attractive team that can compete not only in Japan but also on the Asian and global stages, and seek to create opportunities for our home town community and supporters everywhere to visit the cities of other countries. We want the Urawa Reds football club to serve as a conduit for everyone to travel to the cities of Asia and the world, encounter different cultures, learn to understand others, and appreciate the importance of global harmony. We believe these are precious opportunities for building a better society that will serve future generations well.

We shall continue our endeavours so that every city in every country has its own football club, the people there will support and take pride in their team, and the bonds shall be forged so that our team, too, will be loved and supported by the people of our home town and elsewhere and we can all stand together on the Asian and global stages.

The 25-year Vision

Our Target: To Be Asia’s Number One across the Board

Three Goals to Realise the Vision

The Strong and Attractive Team, the Full, Safe and Exciting Stadium, the Self-reliance and Responsibility
Twenty-five years, a full quarter of a century, have passed since Urawa Reds were founded. Our achievement in coming so far has been due to the support of many people, including everyone in our home town who has received this club so warmly, the fans and supporters who walk with us side by side, and our corporate partners. During this period, we have won the league, league cup, Emperor’s Cup and ACL titles to reach the summit of the Japanese and Asian game. For the next 25 years, as we continue to battle for titles in Japan and Asia, eyes set on the global stage, our vision is to be Asia’s number one club across the board. In order to realise that vision and be the pride of our community, our goals are the strong and attractive team, full, safe and exciting stadium, and self-reliance and responsibility.

* Our vision for the next 25 years and the targets laid down for achieving it express Urawa Reds’ image of the club we want to become and what needs to be done to make it happen.

The Reds World View

Reds Wonderland
When large numbers of people gather around a ball, many joys and topics flow back from that single ball to produce comradeship, expand the circle of friendship and link us to the world. Reds Wonderland is our name for the space where everyone can enjoy these things.

Reds Wonderland is also the extraordinary, non-everyday space centred on the stadium that is generated by the Reds’ players first-class play and enthusiastic cheering of the fans and supporters.

The People Reds’ Staff Want to Become

Our aims are the professionalism, open-mindedness and skills to work with all people anytime, anywhere.

To focus on a single objective, devote ourselves to the task, and see it all the way through. The people who can be these things and live this way excite our respect and admiration.

Urawa Reds’ staff are expected to believe in the power of sport, do their very best in the world of football and their own role within it, provide the fullest preparations for each match and every duty, and strive constantly in a professional manner for victory and results.

As professionals, Urawa Reds’ staff endeavour to acquire the open-mindedness and skills required to secure results not only for themselves but also for the team.

Urawa Reds'Core Values

True Dedication Harmony Respect for the Old and Ambition for the New Sincerity Realism

  • ● True dedication means to think constantly about goals and quality. Urawa Reds seek to serve as a role model for society.
  • ● Harmony is an essential value for any entity to survive and progress. It involves consideration for those with different standpoints and is a vital value for the success of the team.
  • ● Respect for the old and ambition for the new is the set of values that respects Saitama’s football history of over a century and the history and culture of Urawa Reds while also moving forward fearlessly with the times so that Urawa Reds’ key missions for society will continue to be achieved.
  • ● Sincerity is one of the most important points for tackling any problem and an essential value for earning the trust of all who engage with Urawa Reds.
  • ● Realism is an essential value for enabling Urawa Reds to thrive and realise the club’s goals.
  • * Urawa Reds’ core values are the essential standards we apply for achieving the Urawa Reds Declaration, Core Action Guidelines and 25-year Vision.

Urawa Reds’ Core Standards

  • ● Everyone at Urawa Reds is expected to work with true dedication to provide maximum entertainment in the stadium. All activities are for the community.
  • ● Respect for other people’s point of view even when we disagree and valuing the harmony on which success of the group depends. Treating everybody’s problems as our own.
  • ● Respect for tradition and the spirit of challenge for the new.
  • ● Working with dedication, diligence and maximum effort.
  • ● Always striving with Reds’ objectives in mind to realise the Urawa Reds Declaration and Core Action Guidelines.
  • * Urawa Reds’ core standards are the key points that everyone who works for Reds is expected to bear in mind in the performance of their daily duties.

The True Dedication to Provide Maximum Entertainment in the Stadium
Urawa Reds’ mascot, Reddia, doesn’t appear on the pitch on match days. The reason is that we want to exclude elements unrelated to the match and present the pure enjoyment of the sport of football through the players’ own first-class play. It is all about the individual play, team performance and extraordinary, red hot atmosphere generated by the fans and supporters. We do everything in our power to turn Reds’ unique stadium experience into the ultimate entertainment.

Everything for the Community
Urawa Reds exist because of the welcome given us by the people of our hometown community. We keep that gratitude constantly in mind and conduct all of our activities for their happiness and the good of the community.

Respect for and Trust in others, Even when We Disagree, Valuing the Harmony on which the Success of the Team Depends
Even when opinions and values differ and conflicts arise, we must endeavour to keep an open mind, understand and recognise the other’s point of view and seek to establish mutual understanding. We must strive constantly to enhance our own skills as professionals and fulfil our goals in partnership with all.

Treating Everybody’s Problems as our Own
Achievement of the Urawa Reds Declaration and Core Action Guidelines depends on maximising the club’s organisational powers. This means seeking answers to the problems faced by co-workers and other departments as well as our own, and always working together as a team to produce results.

Respect for tradition and the spirit of challenge for the new
The word “supporter” is said to have entered Japanese football usage through Urawa Reds. Reds adopted the word as a matter of course from the advanced footballing nations of Europe and its dissemination is now a part of Reds’ tradition. The football tradition in Reds’ home town, Saitama City, is also now more than a century old. Urawa Reds values its traditions but holds also to the truth that there is nothing so good that it cannot be improved. We always seek out new challenges and new and better ways of thinking.

Working with Dedication, Diligence and Maximum Effort
We know that working with dedication, diligence and maximum effort produces the greatest pleasures and joys. We always endeavour to tackle every task with that same dedication, diligence and maximum effort.

Always Working with Reds’ Objectives in Mind to Realise the Club’s Declaration and Guidelines and Keep on Moving Forward
Urawa Reds’ continuing vitality depends not only on our contributions to the community but also on healthy financing and good club management. For these purposes, the awareness of sound practice is vital at every level, from the executives down to each department and every individual.