We will show our resilient fighting spirit even under the current difficult condition – Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa the day before the J. League 4th Sec match against Shimizu S-Pulse

As you know, we will have no spectators for tomorrow’s match. We have never experienced something like this before. Saitama Stadium has the capacity to hold over 60,000 spectators. I cannot quite imagine what will happen when we play in the stadium tomorrow without any supporters. Playing in such an environment will make it difficult for our players to have the real sense of playing an official match.
In terms of the atmosphere, it will be like a training match tomorrow. For this reason, I urged my players to have a sense of tension with good awareness of playing an official match. Obviously, for a team to play their home match without any supporters may take some advantage away from them. I have told my team to do what they have to do well even under such a circumstance.

Shimizu S-Pulse is a team with abundant stamina. Having tall players joining the team such as Novakovic and Nagasawa, they execute side attacks by taking advantage of the height of their players. Playing against an opponent like them is not easy for us. However, having said that, I believe we have enough of what it takes to win against them by playing our own style of soccer.

We played four official matches since the opening of the season so far and I think our team was able to play more advanced matches both in their defense and offense in every match compared to the last year. Though we did not win the matches against Sagan Tosu and Kashiwa Reysol, I can see that the team is progressing well and they have been having good training. If we can continue to play like we did over the last four matches, it will lead to a great outcome which we are trying to achieve in the medium and long term. If we can pull out what we must do even in such a level pegging match, I am sure we will have a positive result though we may need some luck at times.

Though having no supporters while playing a home match may be a disadvantage, I am confident that the team will do what they must do on the pitch. I am sure that our players will be able to show their resilient fighting spirit to our supporters through how they run and perform even under the circumstance we now face.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

We will show our resilient fighting spirit even under the current difficult condition – Team Manager Mischa