We will continue to fight as one without giving up-Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the J. League 28th Sec match against Consadole Sapporo

I have spent seven seasons in Japan and I regard today’s match result as one of the two saddest results I had in Japan. One was the result which led Sanfrecce Hiroshima to be demoted to J2 when I was the team manager of that team. And, another one is the result we had today. I knew well that today’s match would be a very difficult one.
I also knew that there was no team in the J League against which we can win easily. I believe that our team had prepared themselves well for the match during the week. The players had very good training sessions over the past week. I thought that our team performed very well during the first half of the match. They controlled the game without giving any chances to the opponent team. Our team created several decisive opportunities as well.

I think everyone was able to see what a difficult sport soccer is by watching today’s match. When comparing the chances our team missed and Consadole Sapporo made during today’s match, it becomes clear how difficult it is to win a game of soccer. If a team cannot make the most of the chances they create, the team has to pay the price for it. It is not uncommon in the soccer world. When playing soccer, it is very important for a team to score the very first goal. Had we scored the first goal today, it would have been much easier for us to lead the rest of the match. We had the chance to get the first goal during the first half of the match today. However, since we could not make the most of the opportunity, it gave some encouragement for our opponent team and made it difficult for us to play. I feel very sorry for our supporters about today’s result. I also feel sorry for my players as their team manager. I think that our team has managed to establish itself among high ranking teams at a relatively early stage. However, when we have faced the opportunity to get to an even higher level, the team has often failed to make the most of such chances. I see today’s loss as the hardest loss among the past six losses we have had during this season. However, our team has come back as a stronger team after every loss. We still have six remaining matches to play including matches against high ranking teams. We will continue to fight the last six matches as one united team without giving up. The media has given us some positive comment about our performance during this season. However, I feel we deserve critical comments for today’s performance. I think it is necessary for the team to take such criticisms well and switch their mind swiftly to focus on the next match.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

We will continue to fight as one without giving up-Team Manager Mischa