We now have a good chance to change the tide-Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa the day before the J. League 24th Sec match against Omiya Ardija

We have won our previous two matches since our last loss. The third match in a row we attempt to win will be difficult regardless which team we play against. Let alone, our opponent for tomorrow’s match is Omiya Ardija. This derby match will naturally be a tough one to play. However, this is where we stand at the moment.

We have not been in our current position of being among the top two teams for some time. Since we won our last match against Shimizu S-Pulse, we now have a good chance to be one of the top teams if we win our next match. We have made good progress. Urawa Reds has struggled over the last few years. But, now our team members are in such a good position. I am very interested to see how our players will react under such a circumstance.

In regards to tomorrow’s derby match, it will naturally be a special match unlike any other match. Our standings do not mean much when playing a derby. Omiya Ardija has invested the highest amount to acquire new players to strengthen their team. They have a number of high quality players. Looking back at several past derby matches we played against Omiya Ardija, it seemed almost natural that they should win. This has been the case so far. However, the media often reports that Urawa Reds would be the one to win these derby matches. We have not been able to over the last few years.

Our team players have trained themselves really well during the week. We have also won several matches during this season against teams we had found difficult to play against in the past. By looking at how our team has been performing, I think we now have a good chance to change the tide. All we have to do is to do our best to win the match tomorrow. It will certainly be a tough match. But, we will give our utmost effort to be victorious.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

We now have a good chance to change the tide-Team Manager Mischa