We must be strong without losing our sense of composure-Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa the day before the J. League 6th Sec against Vissel Kobe

I wish I had something new to say during a press conference before every match (lol). But, unfortunately, the match we will have tomorrow will be another very tough match. As you know, Vissel Kobe is a formidable opponent for Urawa Reds. Over the past five league matches we played against them, we have not been able to win so far. In this regard, tomorrow’s match will be a truly tough match as they are such a difficult team for us to play against.

Vissel Kobe acquired several high quality players to strengthen their team over the winter. They had a good start by winning two consecutive matches since the opening of the J. League. However, they have not won their last three matches. I imagine that they would like to win against us to stem the tide and move forward into the right direction. There is no doubt that they will play with a strong determination to win.

In regards to Urawa Reds, our players regained more confidence by winning their last match against Kashima Antlers. They also did so well during training this week. We have managed to set the right momentum by now. We would like to continue to build upon it in the coming matches. We have regarded every match we played as important and the next match will also be the same. In any case, every player will play in full blast and we will build up little by little. We will do all our best to conquer the next match as well. However, it is not enough for us to have just strong determination if we want to win the next match. We should not push ourselves in a blind way by desperately seeking for a victory. We must be strong without losing our sense of composure. We must play the match by using our brains. As far as I know, the team often lost the match against Vissel Kobe in counter attacks. We must be patient and play our own game so that we will not fall into their plot. I believe patience is one of the most important elements in playing soccer. Fundamentally, we must run, play with and by the ball on the basis of discipline. But this is something we always have to do.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

We must be strong without losing our sense of composure-Team Manager Mischa