We have to continue to believe in what we have achieved   

Urawa Reds will play against Cerezo Osaka for their 26th Sec. J. League match in Saitama Stadium on Saturday 16 October.
What do they need to win the match?
The answer from the captain was simple but it provided a very important guide which the team needs in the forthcoming season.

Comment from Keita Suzuki
Our team has not lost the last 9 matches including the Emperor’s Cup match result. Certainly, it is important for us not to lose and continue to win. I believe to be that way is a provision to be a strong team. Even when we struggle in a match, it is important for us to finish the match with a draw. When I reflect upon the last nine matches, there were matches we had good control over or matches we struggled to win. We also had matches where we finished with a draw. We have built up our track record like we have and we should feel confident about our achievement.
We do not have many more J. League matches to play. In order for us to be ranked higher in the ranking, every match from now will be important. Especially of such an importance are the matches we will play against the top teams.
In order for us to win, whether we can show what we have achieved or not will become crucial. Of course, we can not perform something new. It is also of no sense to try to win a match just by having a fighting spirit. It is a major premise that we have such fighting spirits. It is natural for players to hope to win. If we can win a match just by having a strong sense to win, all we have to train will be our mental strength. I am sure there are some matches, the results of which were affected by the players’ mental conditions. But, I do not think that mental strength is the only thing we have to care about. Rather than dwelling on this, it is important for us to believe in what we have been achieving and continue to make more efforts in what we have been doing. I believe this becomes of high importance during the match tomorrow as well.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]