We are to play a forceful and competitive match  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the 2010 season J. League First Sec. against Kashima Antlers
At long last, J. League matches will start from tomorrow after a 7 week training period. We have gone through so many different programs until now. There is nothing to hide in terms of our strategies and tactics. We would like to play a better match tomorrow. Considering how we have trained ourselves up until this point, I believe that we will have a great advantage in the match we play tomorrow against Kashima Antlers. When it comes to our options for selecting players, I always get frustrated. However, it cannot be helped having some players injured. There is no point complaining about our situation as something like this always happen when playing soccer.
Speaking of the matches we have played against Kashima Antlers, I think of the first and last matches we played against them during last season. We would like to play at the same level as we did during our last match. I think we will be able to win by playing an aggressive match like we did during our last match. What I find interesting is that we will play against the strongest team currently in Japan tomorrow.