We are still in the process-Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa the day before the J. League 9th Sec against Yokohama F-Marinos

As I always say during a press conference like this, any J. League match we play will be very challenging. I heard that our opponent tomorrow, Yokohama F-Marinos, is not a well suited team for us. I was told that Urawa Reds has lost four home matches against them in the past. As you all know, there is no doubt that the match will be of extreme importance for both teams. Our situation tomorrow will be a little different from when we played the previous match against Nagoya Grampus. At that time, I urged my team players to be positive as we had lost the previous derby match against Omiya Ardija terribly. I told my team to be positive as our performance in the second half of the derby match was quite good though we lost the match.
As the team manager, I urged my team players to switch their minds to focus on the next match and be mentally strong against Nagoya Grampus. When we lose one soccer match, it does not mean the end. There are a number of matches waiting for us to play. Therefore, we should not dwell on one loss. In this sense, we asked our players to be mentally strong.

As for our next match against Yokohama F-Marinos, our situation is a little different as this will be a match after a victory. We had a big victory against Nagoya Grampus. However, after such a big victory, players often struggle to show what they have learnt or to achieve a good result. After such a big victory, players often let their guard down by thinking that they can win against any team. When this happens, players do not play as a team and start playing on their own. They become over confident without any substantial reasons. For this reason, players tend to be mentally careless. I reminded my team players that we are still in the process. We have not gained anything yet. I told them that we must keep our feet firmly on the ground. I said that every player including the eleven players playing on the field must keep working hard everyday.

We must play as one tomorrow. We must play our own soccer with every player fulfilling his own role in the team. It is important for us to make our tactics work as a team. We must also work on the basics of soccer such as running, playing and observing rules. Yokohama F-Marinos has two sets of great and aggressive center back players. They also have formidable agile players will full stamina such as Oguro, Ono, Saito and Hyodo. We must contain our opponent’s plays and take care of their movements with full concentration. We have had great training during the week to prepare for the match against Yokohama F-Marinos. Though it will be a tough match, I know we will have a good match tomorrow. In any case, we must play our own soccer which I know we can do tomorrow.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

We are still in the process-Team Manager Mischa