Training Match against Shonan Bellmare  

A training match against Shonan Bellmare was held on 6th February. The result of the match is as follows:

Saturday, 6th February, kick off at 2 pm (45 min×3 sessions) Ohara Training Ground
Urawa Reds 1-1 Shonan Bellmare (First session 0-1, Second session 1-0 and Third session 0-0)

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[First session]
GK: Yamagishi
DF: Hirakawa, Nobuhisa Yamagishi, Tsuboi and Ugajin
MF: Keita, Hamada, Kashiwagi and Haraguchi
FW: Edmilson and Tatsuya

[Second session]
GK: Yamagishi (67 min→Tsuzuki)
DF: Hirakawa (67 min→Tsutsumi), Nobuhisa Yamada (67 min→Okamoto), Tsuboi (67 min→Horinouchi) and Ugajin (67 min→Nagata)
MF: Keita (67 min→Hayashi), Hamada, Kashiwagi (67 min→Sergio) and Haraguchi
FW: Edmilson (67 min→Takahara) and Tatsuya (67 min→Takasaki)

[Third session]
GK: Tsuzuki
DF: Tsutsumi, Okamoto, Horinouchi and Nagata
MF: Hayashi, Hirakawa (113 min→Tsuboi), Sergio and Kato (113 min→Otani)
FW: Takahara and Takasaki

Goals: Shonan Bellmare (16 min) and Keita (63 min)

Attendance: About 900