Tomorrow’s match will provide an important step for us to move up-Team Manager Petrovic  

Comment from Team Manager Petrovic the day before the J. League 3rd Sec match against Montedio Yamagata

Thinking positively, I believe that the match we will play tomorrow will provide us a big turning point to move up. In this sense, the match will be important. However, as there are still many more matches ahead of us, I do not regard tomorrow’s match as the most important match, but rather important in terms of us to move up.
The team has played very well in the past few matches. We have created many scoring opportunities especially during the second half of the match we played against Gamba Osaka. Looking at how we performed during the past few matches, I am confident that our players will do well again. I believe that our players can score goals as long as they continue to play like they have been playing lately. We would like to do our best tomorrow as we have.
However, having said that, unfortunately Marcio will not be able to play in the match tomorrow. In stead, Naoki Yamada will play in Marcio’s position tomorrow.
The team has had such an intense schedule playing 5 matches over two weeks. As a result, Marcio feels lameness along the back of his thighs. If he forces himself to continue to participate in training and to play in matches, his thigh muscles will be damaged. When this happens, we would have to go through without him for two to three months. In order to prevent this from actually happening, I decided not to take him with the team tomorrow. Instead, I will have him prepare himself well for the next match.
As other teams have been forced to play a very tough match when they play against Montedio Yamagata at their home stadium in Yamagata, I think the match we will play against them tomorrow will also be a tough match.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]