Though the match was difficult, our performance was worthy of the victory – Team Manager Mischa  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the J. League 16th Sec match against Tokushima Vortis

As I had mentioned in my comment the day before the match against Tokushima Vortis, it is not easy to play against any team in the J1 League. Especially, playing two matches within a short period of time in this increasing temperature made it even harder to play today’s match.

Our opponent came to the stadium with such high motivations to play against us. We thought it would be difficult to play against an opponent like them and I felt the match indeed turned out to be very tough. However, our team was able to control the match relatively well from the beginning and they were able to score goals with precise timing. Although the match was a tough match to play in difficult conditions, considering our overall performance throughout the match, I thought our team’s play was worthy of the victory.

When playing against a team raked lower than your own team, the match proves to be very difficult. On the contrary, when a team plays against a team ranked higher, they have a very strong motivation to win. I have often thought that if two lower ranking teams play against each other with the same high motivation as if they were playing against a team ranked much higher than them, their performance may turn out to be different. In any case, it is not just limited to the J. League but in any league in any country where we see low ranked teams play against higher ranked teams with very high motivations to win.

However, when a low ranked team with such a strong determination to win loses a match against a higher ranked team, they often struggle to do well in their following match. This is just an observation but this type of scenario often happens and this is what I thought after today’s match.
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Though the match was difficult, our performance was worthy of the victory – Team Manager Mischa