Third day at Miyazaki training camp-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Finke after finishing the third day of the Miyazaki training camp

First of all, as for the preparation matches we have during the training camp, I think it is too much to ask for our players to perform at a high level. The practice matches we have during this period are regarded as an extension of what we normally do for our regular training. It is not the main purpose of our first training camp to be able to perform at a high level in matches. In terms of how we played in the first half of the match we had today, I did not have many complaints nor was there much that could be criticized. However, in regards to the second half of the match, I was not happy at all since my players were not able to perform well in several situations.
That being said, I imagine that our members love playing in matches during this kind of training. Playing in a match for 45 minutes is definitely more fun than running for 60 minutes in the forest (lol).
As for me as a team manager, I can also learn about each player’s condition by seeing how well they recover. For example, some players start to run out of breath after just 20 minutes into a game. As a result, they lose control of the ball. However, some players are able to last for 30 minutes while others can play for a solid 45 minutes without any problems. For this reason, I can assess the physical condition of each player through having them play in matches. Further to that, I can also find out about the different talent of each player by assessing how they perform especially when they are worn out. Players certainly have a talent when they can continue to perform well and make good decisions even when they are extremely exhausted. As for the first half of the match we played, I was happy as I said earlier. But, during the second half of the match, unfortunately, players did not align themselves appropriately.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]