The day before the J. League Twenty Fifth Sec.-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the 2009 season J. League Twenty Fifth Sec. against Montedio Yamagata

During the recent two week break, we worked hard to train ourselves well. It is true that some players were injured and every time our situation was different in terms of how many players were able to participate in our practice. Nonetheless, I believe we managed to have our training as best as we could. Now that our national team players are back, all three of them will be able to join the team for tomorrow’s match and even play in the match as long as we do not hear bad news about their injuries by tomorrow. Having said that, I need to see how Abe and Tulio are since the time they spent playing in the national team matches was different. While Abe played only for a short period of time, Tulio played in two matches.
I sincerely wish for Naoki Yamada’s return next week. We will still continue to play in several J League matches from now. I really hope our situation will get better so that we can play well in as many matches as possible. For this reason, it is a very good sign for us to have him back.
In regards to Tatsuya Tanaka, he was able to go through training really well. He has been able to go through training with a heavy load without big problems. However, whether he can play in the match will depend on his own judgment as well.