The day before the J. League Eighth Sec.-Team Manager Finke   

Comment from Team Manager Volker Finke on the day before the 2009 season
J. League Sixth Sec. against Shimizu S-Pulse
We were able to earn 3 points last weekend. Now we would like to prepare ourselves as well as possible for the upcoming away match for this weekend.
As you know, since we have to play in a series of matches from now on, I cannot put too much burden on players during our daily training sessions. Nonetheless, we would like to prepare ourselves well.
What would be most worrisome would be players’ injuries during upcoming successive matches. In reality, if players get injured, it would be difficult for them to recover from their injuries in the few days before their next match. As this is the case, we do not know at this stage whether or not Nobuhisa Yamada will be able to play in the match tomorrow. In the first half of the previous match, he injured his ankle. He had bandaged around the ankle and played well despite his injury. However, it was necessary for him to have good treatment. Even though he is steadily recovering from his injury, I still do not want to comment on whether he will be able to play in tomorrow’s match.
In terms of young players, I would like to establish a rotation system within the team. As I would like them to have as much experience as possible, I let Shunki Takahashi play in the match. Mizuki Hamada will join the team this time. However, it does not mean that Shunki Takahashi had some kind of problem before. I would like to put young players in rotation so that they can accumulate good experience.

(It has been two weeks since Tatsuya Tanaka got injured in a match against Nagoya Grampus. How is he now?)
I think he will be able to recover by the time he will have to play for the national team. As you know, Tatsuya had repeatedly got injured over the past several years. Doctors as well as Tatsuya himself know how he was injured and how long it took him to recover from each injury.
I am not the type of team manager who would pressure players so that they can come back as early as possible. What is important for them is not to recover quickly but to recover well with good physical condition. In regards to Tatsuya, I have good communication with his doctor this time as well. Tatsuya also understands that it would take him a while to recover from his injury. As this is the case, I will discuss with his doctor as well as Tatsuya when he can come back to play in a game. However, I would like to refrain from putting pressure on him.
It would certainly be great if Umesaki and Tatsuya could join the team again soon. However, we cannot disobey what nature requires. We all have to understand that they are injured at the moment. There is no doubt that they are excellent players. It is also not wrong in saying that they would have a great impact on the team once they recover.

(What is your impression about Shimizu S-Pulse?)
When I came to Urawa last November, I was able to observe a match played against Shimizu S-Pulse. Reds was not able to win the game at that time. My impression of the team at that time was that they have excellent counter play. As part of our preparation this time, I watched lots of footage. What I thought was that S-Pulse was good at showing risky counter attacks repeatedly.

(Shimizu S-Pulse has Yuichiro Nagai who had been a member of Reds until last year. What kind of impact would he have?)
I do not think he would have any impact in the match we will play. Perhaps, it may be the reason why they have closed practice sessions over the last two days in a row (lol). Of course, I was told that he was performing well for the team until last year. As for this season, he only played once or twice on the pitch. I heard that he played in the right side mid field position as well as a forward position. However, it would not have any impact on how we will play the match against Shimizu S-Pulse.