Team Manager Tsuyoshi Otsuki – Press Conference after the Match against Vegalta Sendai  

Comment from Team Manager Tsuyoshi Otsuki after the Meiji Yasuda J1 League 23rd Sec Match against Vegalta Sendai 【MATCH PARTNER PIA Corporation】

We hadn’t been able to make our fans and supporters who came to see us play in our stadium go home feeling happy for a while. But, I feel our team played the type of match that made those spectators feel content when they left the stadium today. We will keep on making efforts so that this will continue to last rather than be a one-off event.

With regard to the match content, though the match we played today was the third one we had over the last week or so, I didn’t change our starting members from the previous one. Considering this, they did a great job. I instructed the team to push themselves forward today. Though they became a little too cautious shortly after they scored the first goal, I was very pleased to see they tried to keep their spirits high on the pitch and started to proactively make several positive moves after that. Having played the match the way we did, I want our team to keep continue to play as we did today.

Questions and Answers

Q: Regarding the first goal made, your players stole the ball in their opponent side of the pitch and passed the ball through amongst several players to finally score the goal. Am I right in thinking that this was the type of soccer you aspire your team to play?

A: It was a good goal. Our anchor player went after the opponent team to take the ball. Our side mid-fielders also went after the opponent team in a similar manner as well. Our players executed several maneuvers really well today including making side changes and delivering cross passes as well as making turns after receiving the ball in the center and executing combination plays. I want to make our team to keep on performing like they did today in many more occasions.

Q: Regarding the first goal your team scored, it proved to be valuable that your anchor mid-fielder moved all the way to the front of the goal as he moved with the flow. They seem to be able to take more bold moves such as running without hesitation and executing dribbling well. Given this, was there anything that your team went through that actually triggered such a change in them?

A: No matter what the case may be, I always tell our team players that it is important for us to keep working on what we are trying to achieve continuously. During our training, I set the direction for our team to follow and we keep on working together to pursue the direction consistently without wavering. We must develop a knack and there is no short cut in this path. It is important for me to keep reminding our players to continue working on the points they need to address one by one so that one day they will get a knack for executing great maneuvers.

I often talk about this with our coaches but it is like learning how to ride a bicycle. After spending some time practicing riding a bicycle, one day people suddenly become able to ride their bicycle without any probles. What’s more, they can ride the bicycle for the rest of their lives. But as far as soccer players are concerned, once they become able to ride a bicycle, they must be able to turn a steep curve with high speed. Just being able to ride a bicycle is not good enough. They must be able to gain high speed and make good judgements. That’s what I often talk about with our coaches. I am not sure if there was one particular trigger that brought changes in the way our players played. What’s really important is to keep working on what we need to do consistently and continuously.

Q: Your team pulled off a victory by making several goals in your home match for the first time after a while today. Although the rules surrounding the number of stadium spectators was changed from today to be up to 24,000 people, the stadium had only a four-digit number of spectators (9,831 people) today. Nonetheless, am I right in thinking that the match your team played today was a match that you could proudly show to your spectators?
A: Obviously, we always aim to play such a match. What we do is we provide entertainment and a good show for our spectators. As this is the case, we try to pull out a great game and we give our best to do so. We will continue to work hard in our training so that we can proudly say this is the case.

Q: Your team had kept fighting throughout the entire 90 minutes and continued to score goals. I thought one of the reasons your team was able to keep scoring the goals until the end of the match was thanks to the aggressive play by substitute players who joined the team half-way through. What do you think about this?
A: As I said after the recent match against Sagan Tosu, these positive developments were made possible not only by our substitute players but also thanks to our starting members creating great situations and atmosphere. For example, Muto’s good performance today and in the last few matches has had a positive influence on the team. Those around him are inspired to perform well by seeing his good performance. During today’s match, our front-line player scored some goals. I hope this will encourage a healthy competition within our team. I want to carefully assess our players’ performance during our training and condition the team well to play a good match next week by promoting a healthy competition amongst them.

Q: Looking at Kouya Yuruki’s performance, he seemed to play more freely without any hesitation after he scored a goal in the Sagan Tosu match. What did you think of his play today?
A: I always encourage him to make assertive moves when his actions will likely lead to some tangible results such as goal scoring and assisting other team members. He has good talent. He was a little hesitant when making some judgements and in front of the goal earlier. However, I agree that he is showing his different side little by little now. At the same time, our other players who are in the same position as Yuruki are also continuing to play well thanks to his good influence. I am pleased to see a positive competition start to take root within our team lately.

Thank you everyone for your kind attention. I look forward to receiving your continued support.

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Team Manager Tsuyoshi Otsuki – Press Conference after the Match against Vegalta Sendai