Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira – press conference after the match against Ventforet Kofu  

Comment from Team Manager Oliveira after the J. League YBC Levain Cup Playoff Stage 1st Sec match against Ventforet Kofu

Questions and Answers
Q: It seemed that your opponent team was doing better in terms of dealing with second balls. Do you think this stemmed from the fatigue of your players or was there any other reason?
A: That was exactly the issue of the match today. I had also pointed this out to our players during half time. As a result of not being able to get second balls, our opponent controlled the match during the important time slots. During our recent matches, our team was the one that was able to take second balls and had control over the match for a sustained period of time. However, things didn’t go like this during today’s match.

Q: What was your intention of putting Moriwaki, who has returned to the team from his injury, into the defensive midfielder position today?
A: During the practice match we had on Wednesday, Abe sustained a minor injury. As we were not going to have Kashiwagi for today’s match, I was originally thinking of putting Abe into the defensive midfielder position. However, because of his injury, we had to play today’s match without a suitable player for that position.
With the limited midfielder options we had, I had a discussion with Moriwaki and requested him to fulfill the position. After he came in, things had improved a little. So, he did a good job.

Q: In terms of the players’ stamina, I am under the impression that they had too much training before the match. What do you think about this?
A: I don’t think that is true. To sum up, while our team had a little adjustment to make for mid field players, our opponent team’s midfielders functioned well. For this reason, we should commend Ventforet Kofu for today’s outcome. As far as today’s game is concerned, they were doing better than Urawa Reds in terms of midfielders’ performance. Our team was not able to respond well to them in this regard.

As for our training, I had taken enough load off from our players after Wednesday’s practice. For this reason, I don’t think there was too much physical burden put on them as a result of our practice. Another thing I should note is that when I aim to improve the team’s situation, it is necessary for us to practice things that are crucial to us. At the same time, we must wait a while to benefit from the result of our training.

Q: The team now has to play the second sec home match with today’s result of zero to two. As you need to score several points in the second match, what kind of game plan do you have in place?
A: I had told our players even before the today’s match, we should regard the two matches as one 180-minute game and we must nail the second match played in our home stadium.

Q: With regard to the second balls that your players struggled to take, what do you think was missing from them today? Do you think it was due to their physical strength or rather to do with your strategies?
A: It was not a matter of something was missing. Regarding today’s game, it was that our opponent team’s performance was superior than ours. Obviously, we need to change this during the second match we will play.

Q: There are two J2 division teams playing for the Levain Cup this year. Do you regard today’s defeat against a J2 team a big shock?
A: I have known Ventforet Kofu for a long time. The team has gone between J2 and J1 for some time and they have players who have played in J1 division matches. They have a number of well-experienced players including good Brazilian players. They won their previous match with a result of six to two. For this reason, I don’t think it is necessary to make a big deal about losing today’s match against such a capable team. The fact of the matter is simply that we lost today’s match against them with the team we had today.

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Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira – press conference after the match against Ventforet Kofu