Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira – press conference after the match against Shonan Bellmare  

Comment from Team Manager Oliveira after the Meiji Yasuda J1 League 11th Sec match against Shonan Bellmare

Questions and Answers

Q: Even though the team lost today’s match, we were able to witness your players putting lots of emotion into making attacks during the second half of the match. Can this be regarded as something positive?
A: At least we were able to see different reactions coming from our players. They were different compared to the first half. The problems we faced were the same during both first and second halves. The thing was that even though the team built the right formations, they were not able to score any goals. I think they were lacking in their strength and energy.

Q: It looked as though the game started to flow better for your team after you changed both wing-backs.
A: We are currently playing a number of matches within a short period of time. I have been watching how the team plays since I was in Brazil. The current situation requires many of the same players playing in a number of matches repeatedly. Amongst the players, those who are most affected by this are wing-backs who have to run long distances. As this is the case, their energy gets exhausted. As for Ugajin, he has just come back to the team after recovering from his injury. As he was not able to play the full 90 minutes of our previous matches against Hokkaido Consadole and Kashiwa Reysol, I decided to put him on the bench so that he could save his energy during today’s match.

Q: The team has lost its recent two matches. What do you think needs to be addressed and what kind of challenges does the team have?
A: It has been one week since I came to Japan. Over the past one week, I saw three matches Urawa Reds played. Though I have only spent one week with the team for training, I understand fully what it takes to be a team manager and lead a team. For example, it is not possible to turn water into wine over a short period of time. We need more time. As time goes by, I can assess the players better and determine who can execute what.

Q: Towards the end of the match, you put Maurício on the front line to push for a power play. However, he kept serving low balls rather than high. Do you think it was better for him to kick longer balls?
A: After playing for 90 minutes and not being able to score any goals, it was necessary for us to try other options. As I had already changed three players during the match, I wasn’t able to put in more forward players. For this reason, center-back players who are accustomed to scoring goals came to the front line. Maurício was one of them. Makino also moved forward to wage attacks. I tried different approaches like this.

Q: Naoki Yamada was selected as a starting member for the first time playing for an official league match today. What was your impression?
A: Things didn’t go so well for him today. I have known him since I was last living in Japan. He has very promising speed and agility. He is also good at handling balls. As the team has played a series of matches against Sapporo and Kashiwa over a short period of time, I felt Koroki had been battling alone in the front line. For this reason, I wanted to give Nagasawa a chance to rest. Another reason for having Yamada as a starting member was that he could support Koroki and help the team to play more aggressively.

Are there any more questions? If not, I would like to conclude the session here. Thank you for your questions. See you next time.

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Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira – press conference after the match against Shonan Bellmare