Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira – press conference after the match against Shimizu S-Pulse  

Comment from Team Manager Oliveira after the Meiji Yasuda J1 League 23rd Sec match against Shimizu S-Pulse

I trust we had an interesting and exciting match today as six goals were scored. Both teams waged aggressive attacks against each other. We both built up good formations to score goals. Obviously, it was unfortunate that we lost our goals as we had anticipated these plays. Having said that, I also feel that we should commend our opponent team’s decision-making ability and capabilities for scoring those goals.

Questions and Answers
Q: Shimizu S-Pules scored three goals but Urawa Reds equalized by the end of the match. How do you evaluate the one point the team scored in the end?

A: It is important to note that our players reacted well to those developments and had managed to gain one point. However, I wasn’t expecting our team to lose three goals today.

Q: I believe that your team members were finding it difficult to follow Shimizu’s player Shota Kaneko’s movements especially during the first half of the match and were trying to make some corrections. What exactly was your team trying to do?

A: Under the usual circumstance, we try to stop the movements of such a player. However, we started the match with three different players today. As we also had limited time between matches to train with today’s form, I guess we gave the Shimizu player the chance to move a little freely. During the first half of the match, I had instructed the team to correct this point. However, only after half time, were we able to make the necessary corrections.

Q: During the second half of the match, it looked as though you had Abe come down to the middle of the defense line to control the line frequently to
regain a good flow for the team.

A: Abe is a utility player who is capable of performing well in those two different positions. The reason why he moved back to the defense line was to improve the quality of backline passes. As our opponent team was leading the match, I wanted to improve the quality of passes around the defense line.

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Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira – press conference after the match against Shimizu S-Pulse