Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira – press conference after the match against Sanfrecce Hiroshima  

Comment from Team Manager Oliveira after the J. League YBC Levain Cup Group Stage 6th Sec match against Sanfrecce Hiroshima

We had a very intensive game with both teams having good chances today. Sanfrecce Hiroshima has good players who play together in a united manner. I regard them as a good team. They also have good responses and have many options when they have the ball in their possession. For this reason, it is very difficult to control the match when we play against Sanfrecce Hiroshima. As this is the case, the victorious result we had today is valuable. I trust that we are able to show that we are making a good progress.

Questions and Answers
Q: Your team was able to move to the next stage even if you drew the match today. However, they were making full-fledged attacks from the first half of the match. Was that something you had intended your players to do?

A: That is correct. In reality, it was good enough for us as long as we could perform well and finish the match with a draw. However, if we were only aiming for a draw, it would lead to a defeat. For this reason, we played the match with an aim to win the match today. I told our team players clearly that we needed to aim to play a winning match today. Depending on the results of the other Cup matches played in other stadiums and had we found out those results before the end of our own match, they could have had some impact on how we played the match. But, this only would come into our consideration just before our match ended. As this was the case, we had aimed to win the match today.

Q: When you were the Kashima Antlers’ team manager, I had the impression that your team was winning constantly by playing tight matches without losing many goals. However, the type of soccer your team is playing now is very different. The team is very aggressive in taking the ball from their opponent team and they are playing a lot more offensive soccer over all. Could you please comment on this?

A: We are trying to progress towards the direction of how you have just described. When we want to play this type of soccer smoothly, we must spend more time for our training and we need to practice with the same intensity as we experience playing a real match. Since we currently have limited time for our training sessions due to a number of official matches we are playing, we haven’t been able to practice enough. Nonetheless, we aim to play an offensive style of soccer by taking the ball aggressively to wage attacks.
I believe this will require our players not only to practice but also have a different mind-set. Some players may need to rethink their roles in the positions they play and play with a different mentality.

Q: The team struggled in their last two matches as a result of playing against opponents with firm defense. But, you have said that your team is making good progress. What in particular do you think the team is doing better now?

A: As Sanfrecce Hiroshima didn’t play an overly defensive match today, things were a little different from our previous matches. However, we often have the type of matches in which our opponent team withdraws behind and waits for us. As such, we must think how we can execute the match by determining whether we should wage counter attacks after we have the ball, or we should wait for creating our chances by moving the ball around with our opponent withdrawing behind.

With regards to today’s match, our team had a so-called mixed team to play. We had a mixture of players who have mainly been playing in J. League matches and those playing in Cup matches. I wanted to give those players who had been suffering from fatigue a chance to have rest. As we only had two days between our previous match and today’s and with the same scenario for our next match, I had selected the members for today’s match by taking their physical conditions into consideration.
I am satisfied with today’s outcome from this stand point as well. I was able to give players time to rest for those who needed it by limiting their participation in the match and utilized those in good condition for a sustained period of time.

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Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira – press conference after the match against Sanfrecce Hiroshima