Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira – press conference after the match against Gamba Osaka  

Comment from Team Manager Oliveira after the Meiji Yasuda J1 League 31st sec match against Gamba Osaka

I must admit that our team lost against Gamba Osaka which has been going strong and doing well. Having said that, our team pulled out a good performance today particularly in the first half of the match. However, we were not able to score any goals at that time. When we lost the opening goal today around the same time we lost a goal during the previous sec match, I was confident that our team would be able to come from behind. I am sure you understand what I mean if you saw how our team performed during the first half. As for the first goal our opponent team scored, I would like to commend them for the fantastic goal and how they scored it which is hard to replicate.

During the second half of the match, our team equalized the score by responding to the Gamba Osaka’s performance. However, Gamba also pulled out a high-quality performance. They are a team with a number of high-quality players. After losing the second goal, our players might have lost some confidence and we were not able to control our opponent’s play. However, I am sure you are aware this type of match has been played many times over when you look back through soccer’s history. For our next match, we will endeavor to achieve our aim by keeping our opponent team in good control.

Questions and Answers

Q: What do you think of the little mistake leading to the goal loss today?

A: You must also take our opponent’s performance quality into consideration. Had their quality not been so high, the mistake our team made wouldn’t have happened and our team wouldn’t have lost the goal as we did. We must take these points into consideration as well.

Q: It was unfortunate that your team lost. What do you think of the fact that today’s loss occurred as one of the last four remaining matches the team will play rather than the first four matches in the season.

A: That’s right. We really wanted to win the match today. Given the timing the match was played at the end of the season, we desperately wanted to win the match. However, we couldn’t. Unfortunately, Takuya Aoki, Daiki Hashioka and Takuya Ogiwara, the options I was contemplating for today’s match were not able to play in the match today.

Q: Did you say anything to the team?

A: I spoke to them after they came back to the locker room. During the coming week, I would like to let the team know the number of good performances they pulled out surpassed the negative ones today by showing them the recorded footage of today’s match. During today’s match, there were times when our team controlled our opponent and had good momentum going for ourselves. However, ultimately, our opponent team exerted and maximized their good quality and won the match in the end today.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]

Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira – press conference after the match against Gamba Osaka