Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira – pre-match press conference the day before the match against Kashiwa Reysol  

Comment from Team Manager Oliveira the day before the Meiji Yasuda J1 League 10th Sec match against Kashiwa Reysol
I would like to take questions from everyone on the floor.

Questions and Answers

Q: I trust that what you have been able to do in such a short period of time has been limited. What were your focus areas and aims during training over the past few days?
A: As you have pointed out, I have had limited time to prepare the team for the coming match. We had all-member training for the first time today. At this stage, I don’t wish to change too many things. It is not the right time to intensify the training to prepare for the match tomorrow. For this reason, we had slightly less intensive training today. I aim to integrate my style with what the team has achieved so far without disrupting the flow. I have tweaked a few little things during my training sessions with them.
Q: Do you mean that you have provided your input regarding their set plays and throw-ins?
A: That is correct.
Q: You commented earlier that you recognize the need for persuading your team members in order to achieve what you set out to achieve. By looking at how they respond, do you think that what you are trying to achieve is understood by them?
A: As they seem to be trying to respond to my requests, I feel that they are gaining more understanding of what I aim to achieve.

Q: Kashiwa Reysol has good forward players such as Cristiano and others who are swift on their feet. What do you think is important in term of team defense?
A: Urawa Reds has had good defense to date. I believe that every team in the J League has swift and dangerous players. I won’t change much in the team’s defense but I spoke with the team to remain focused.
Q: I heard that you hardly had closed training when you were leading Kashima Antlers but you held today’s training closed. What was the reason for this?
A: We had set play training today. One of the secrets of executing set plays is to keep them a surprise. For this reason, if we had an open training session, we won’t be able to keep our secrets.

As for Kashima Antlers’ training, their environment didn’t allow our training to be closed. As this was the case, I always had our training open. When I was the team manager of Kashima Antlers, we were preparing for a match against Suwon Samsung Bluewings. As the opponent team had a very tall defender and we anticipated them to play a defensive game, I thought it would be important for the team to score goals from set plays. However, when we had training focusing on set plays, we had more Korean people than Kashima Antlers fans came to our practice ground to observe our practice session. We wanted to have our training closed but our circumstance didn’t allow us to do so. For this reason, I summoned the team again on the pitch that afternoon without having them change back into their uniform again and explained to them what I wanted them to achieve.
During the match against Suwon Samsung Bluewings, we scored our first goal from a set play. The player who nailed the goal was Mr Tsuyoshi Oiwa who is now the team manager of Kashima Antlers. Tsuyoshi was asked to play as part of the team at that time because one of the players sustained an injury and was not able to play. Our team ended up winning the match with the result of three to zero. Had we had full practice of our set plays in front of many Korean people on that day, I don’t think we were able to pull out such surprises during that match.

Q: When you send your players off to the pitch, I trust many things become important such as their fighting spirit, pliability and skills. But, what do you value the most?
A: What you have just said are all important aspects. However, every match will be different depending on your opponent. For this reason, what you have to stress the most changes based on the match. I think of what tactics work out to be the best in order to maximize our players’ performance. As such, our tactics change depending on our opponent.
Q: How many surprises have you prepared for tomorrow’s match?
A: We don’t have a specific number of surprises as such. I have prepared our team as I usually do. After all, if I start talking about our surprises, they won’t be surprises (lol).
Q: During your inaugural press conference, you said that you only know about one third of your team at this stage. Over the past three days of working with your players, do you think you gained some understanding of their strengths and also found out any particular aspects of the team you need to improve?
A: As I spend time with the players through training, we get to know more and more about each other and I believe we are moving into a better place. However, as today’s training session was the first one for all starting members to come together I feel I need more time to get to know them further.

Q: You will run the show as Urawa Reds’ team manager for the first time tomorrow. How do you feel about this and what would you like Urawa Reds fans and supporters to see?
A: My motivation is now getting higher and higher. I have worked with more than twenty clubs over the past years and I have always had a good respect for Urawa Reds. I know they are blessed with great fans and supporters. For this reason, I cannot hide my excitement for the first match I will lead.

Q: I saw you were having a chat with Ponte after the training. What were you talking with him?
A: I speak with him a lot. I have known him well since I last lived in Japan and we became friends. I have always had good chats with him but now I talk more about Urawa Reds with him.


Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira – pre-match press conference the day before the match against Kashiwa Reysol Team Manager Oswaldo Oliveira – pre-match press conference the day before the match against Kashiwa Reysol