Team Manager Mischa - press conference after the match against Sanfrecce Hiroshima  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa after the Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company J. League 2nd Stage 3rd Sec match against Sanfrecce Hiroshima

Our team had one of its best performances over the past three and a half years up until Sanfrecce Hiroshima caught up with us after 67 minutes into the match. This season marks my tenth season since I came to Japan and the performance our players pulled out today was one of a kind in terms of aggressiveness and team coordination in attacks.

Teams are often assessed based only on their match outcomes in Japan. However, I regard today’s defeat rather positively. When playing soccer, players sometimes face defeat when they struggle to make the most of the chances they created while their opponent team nails the narrow chance they created. But, with regard to today’s match, our players performance will lead to something better in the future and I think our team has a more positive outlook compared to Sanfrecce Hiroshima even though they seized the victory today.

While Sanfrecce Hiroshima has scored nine points by winning three matches in the second stage, our team has so far scored four points. Though the two teams have a five point margin between them, I have a positive outlook for our team. I think there is a big difference between the performances pulled out today by our team and our opponent players and I think this is also the case with the performances of other team players. Even though our team lost today, our strength remains the same and it is important for us to continue to play like we did today. I am proud of our players who played like they did today.

I feel that today’s match should have been won by the end of the first half. Though our team hadn’t had any defeat in the J. League thus far in this season, it was inevitable that we would experience a defeat sooner or later. I think today’s defeat will have rather a positive effect on our team. Even though we lost the match today, I am confident that the defeat will carry us forward in a positive manner.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD:OM)]

Team Manager Mischa – press conference after the match against Sanfrecce Hiroshima