Team Manager Mischa and Zlatan attend post-match interview session  

Comment from Team Manager Mischa and Player Zlatan after the AFC Champions League 2016 Group Stage MD6 match against Pohang Steelers

Comment from Team Manager Mischa

First of all, I wish to mention that we had to play in strong wind just like we did during our previous J. League match. When playing soccer, strong wind is the worst natural phenomenon which makes it difficult for us to perform well.

Nonetheless, our players played the match with such a strong determination to win. Though they made a few mistakes, they challenged themselves to play the type of soccer they aimed to play.

With regard to the goal our team lost, I believe what had happened was that a Pohang Steelers player bumped into another Pohang Steelers player. Though the chief referee called out for a penalty kick, I thought it was a miss judgement. After that, our team caught up with our opponent team and played with a great determination to come from behind. I trust that our players displayed their strong motivation to score another goal and win the match until the very end of the match after they caught up with their opponent.

Though we ended the match with a draw, our players played with a strong determination to seize a victory until the very end of the match.

Comment from Zlatan

As our team manager mentioned, we had a very hard match today. As a matter of fact, any match played in the ACL is a difficult match. As the match we had today was played between a Korean team and a Japanese team, the atmosphere became heated and therefore the match became more challenging. There were a few chances we were not able to make the most of today. It would have been better had we been able to score another goal. It is very disappointing that we were not able to get through the group stage as a top team.

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Team Manager Mischa and Zlatan attend post-match interview session