Team Manager Mischa and Muto attend post-match interview session   

Comment from Team Manager Mischa and player Muto after the ACL Group Stage MD1 match against Sydney FC

Comment from Team Manager Mischa
I am very pleased to have the opportunity to sit for this post-match interview session with Muto today. I would like everyone to be interested in Muto and ask a lot of question to him rather than I make comments (lol).

First of all, I wish to mention that it was our first official match to play this season while Sydney FC had already started their season. When such a match-up happens, it makes it extremely hard to play well. In addition to this, our team struggled to achieve good results for ACL in the past. For this reason, there was no doubt that our first official match for the season we played today was a very difficult one for us.

Any team would find their first match of a new season difficult to play. But, I am very satisfied with the strong determination, stamina, movements around the ball and the play our players had today.

With regard to our performance, I can’t deny that our team could have had better combinations and a more continuous flow when they tried to break their opponent’s blockage. Having said that, the fact that our team was able to win the first match for the season is something I can personally regard very positive. As for the past two ACL we played, our team lost the first match to start the season. In this sense, today’s victory will give us great confidence and this positive result combined with our boosted confidence will create a positive cycle for us.

I am certain that today’s victorious result will have a positive impact on our team not just for ACL but also for our first J. League match we will play for the season in two days’ time. For this reason, finishing today’s match with a victory will have such a significant meaning to us.

Comment from Yuki Muto
Reflecting upon our performance during the ACL last year, we definitely had to finish today’s home match with three winning points. I am extremely pleased that we won the match today.
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Team Manager Mischa and Muto attend post-match interview session