Team Manager Hori – press conference after the World Challenge match against Chapecoense  

Comment from Team Manager Hori after the Suruga Bank Championship 2017 match against Chapecoense

I felt that we had to be patient throughout the match today in terms of both offense and defense. As for making offensive moves, we were successful in moving the ball to the point where we could make finishing attacks. However, we were a little lacking in sharpness and alertness in our movements to nail such opportunities when following through.

As a result, there were several occasions where we received counter attacks from our opponent team as they took the ball away from us. Having said that, we were also able to stop them to carry out their offensive attacks a few times by switching our offensive moves to defense swiftly. I think our team is making a little positive improvement in this regard.

As for our defense, our team faced a difficult situation towards the end of the match by being pressed by our opponent just like we were in our previous match. However, our players protected the goal area patiently. We are making positive progress by finishing our last two consecutive matches without being defeated. Our opponent team must have found it difficult to condition themselves well due to their tight schedule. So, it would have been better had we been able to be more aggressive in making attacks.

We would like to assess the decisive factors that have direct impact for the outcome of the match and address them firmly with our players in order to make positive progress for our team little by little.
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Team Manager Hori – press conference after the World Challenge match against Chapecoense