Second day of Ibusuki training camp-Team Manager Finke  

Comment from Team Manager Finke after finishing the second day of the Ibusuki training camp.
What happened on the pitch during the match today was, in a way, a continuation of the match the Japan National Team played yesterday. Today’s training match has again proven how fiercely Japanese and Korean players fight against each other once they are on the pitch. During the match, so many yellow cards had been issued which is very unusual for this kind of friendly match.
Considering the opponent’s level and given the time of the year, the players were fighting seriously over their positions. I did not change all members at half time or after 45 minutes like in previous practice matches. Some members played for the entire duration of the match. In this sense, players are also coming into a very difficult period to fight over their positions. For this reason, I was able to get some valuable information about the current condition of each player during the match today.
I cannot comment on the condition of each player in detail at this point, but I can say clearly that everyday is a competition in the professional soccer world. Every player has to fight over his position. The performance each player showed one or two years ago has nothing to do with them now. What is important for them is to perform well right now and fight hard to win a position within the team. Having said that, I do not think this was necessary the case here in the past. As this is the case, some players may feel somewhat uncomfortable about going through such a situation to fight over a position. However, they must get used to this new situation. Nonetheless, I get such a good impression from the team. Players are working in consideration of the team and they are making efforts to show their potential to win on the pitch. Players try to show their performance and try to sell their real abilities in this very severe fight which takes place everyday. This should be a very common situation on a professional soccer field. By this type of situation being created, the overall level will raise. The team is currently going through a desirable situation and all teams need new stimulation coming from outside on a regular basis. And this year, we have been able to get such stimulation brought in from outside that is essential for the team to develop further. It is not that many main players’ positions have already been secured based on their past performances and track records. Some players now can run even faster thanks to this external stimulation (lol). This is such a pleasing development. Some people are now able to play for 90 minutes during training match. The team is going through a most important period right now during the long preparation period we have. The starting line up members for the opening match against Kashima Antlers in the coming season will be decided based on the condition of each player over the next two and a half weeks. In this light, players are now entering a very important period.
Some people may not even remember but Edmilson was not a starting line up member for last season’s opening match. He was sitting on the bench at that time. However, he managed to win a starting line up position during the season by performing well. For this reason, battles over positions will not end at the end of this preseason preparation period. Players will fight over their positions throughout the year.