Second day at Miyazaki training camp-Team Director Shinto   

Comment from Team Director Shinto after finishing the second day of the Miyazaki training camp

As for Abe, as he felt a sense of discomfort in his left knee, doctors of both the national team and our team had some discussions over his knee and made some report to me. After we had some talks with the national team, we came to the conclusion that it is better for him to have his training with Urawa Reds.
We have not made the decision whether or not he will play in the match against Bahrain. Since we have our team doctor accompanying us during the camp, we thought Urawa Reds can provide better consultation for him.
(It seems as though Abe took part in the national team training camp despite his ill-condition. Would the team have preferred Abe not to have gone?)
The club prefers for team members to be in their best condition before they join the national team. However, Team Manager Finke not only wants to make Urawa Reds a real professional team, but also wants to have a good relationship with the national team. That is his true feelings. As such, Mr. Finke sent Abe off to the national team camp despite Abe’s condition with his trust in the national team. He had to prioritize what was most important since the national team made the request.
However, as Abe started to feel some discomfort in his knee, the decision was made that he should come back to Urawa Reds to make some adjustment. There will be many options as to what he will do after the results of his medical tests are released.
(It seems that Tulio is keen to play in the match against Australia.)
Since we have not had discussions over that matter yet, I can not make a specific comment on that. We can not make any statement without having doctor’s consultations or taking the opinions of our trainers into consideration. This applies to every player. Otherwise, we may invite some misunderstandings. It is very important to have good communication by following the right procedure. In order for Urawa Reds to become a top level team, we need to get this type of matters right. This is what Urawa Reds believes.
(It must be tough for the team as their schedule is quite tight since the New Year.)
I think that there are many things we must contemplate on in Japan. Some things must be dealt with out side of the Japanese context and it is high time now for us to contemplate on this very matter.
Urawa Reds is currently trying to establish a foundation to become a real professional soccer team, which we set as our goal. What we need you to understand is that Team Manager Finke will take his own approach even when he understands the Japanese way. I hope you can understand this. I believe he answers questions he is asked during the press interviews very well and respectfully.
(How is the training camp so far?)
We were able to have our training according to our schedule without rain from the first day. I think we had a very good start as we were able to prepare for the camp well in Urawa. I can also feel a professional team dynamics in the team. This is not something you can create just by trying to create a good mood. The players must unite with each other from the preparation phase and this is what we are doing at this moment to prepare ourselves in the camp.
(Team Manager Finke started to give some strategic instructions to the team today.)
That is right. We are taking a very comprehensive approach even from this stage. Each training session has its own aim and being strategic is one of our aims.
(It seems as though the team members do not know what is on their training session schedule as there are no meetings as such. Are there any concerns regarding this?)
No, there is no concern. That is because we have excellent organization. The coaching staff is very organized and the sports gear is well prepared. I feel that the team is united as one and everything is flowing without any flaw. Since the bus dropped us here at the ground, everything is going very smoothly. I really feel that top-level professionalism is what we are trying to acquire during our professional training. This is evident in the fact that we wrap it up quickly once our training session is over.