Passion will give us power to win away game  

The home opening game held on 14th March attracted 50,096 people.

A performance “Heart 12 and Diamond” and the loudest cheers in the world gave support to the players.

1 week after Reds’ win in the opening game for the 2nd consecutive year, Reds must focus on the next game against Montedio Yamagata which will be held at ND Soft Stadium at 1 pm on 21st March.

Montedio that is playing in the J1 for the 2nd season is led by Team Manager Shinji Kobayashi who has been in charge for 3 years. Their 4-4-2 formation and tactic to defend in the middle remain the same. However, the addition of tall striker Yuzo Tashiro who moved from Kashima Antlers would give more attacking option to the team.

Yu Hasegawa, the team’s top scorer for the past 2 seasons is sidelined due to an injury to his right knee, which he picked up in the last game against Shimizu S-Pulse. Tomotaka Kitamura who is expected to replace Hasegawa’s position is difficult to mark. Katsuyuki Miyazawa who played for Reds from 1999 to 2001 is also doing well in the team. Urawa Reds need to bear in mind the above mentioned things and concentrate on the game.

The most important point is that the next game will be held at Montedio’s home stadium. Montedio Yamagata left their home town Yamagata due to heavy snow and has been on a training camp for a long time. Their result this season so far is 1 win and 1 loss even though they had 2 consecutive away games. Hence, their motivation will be much higher as this game will be their first home game of the season.

Not only players but also Montedio supporters who warmly welcomed Reds supporters when we had a game in July 2009 are looking forward to the home game.

It will surely be an exciting game. As for Reds, we will try to have more ball possession to control the game. In addition, we need to have a strong defence which we had in the previous game against FC Tokyo and create chances by using the flanks and playing fast attacking football.

Left defensive midfielder Tomoya Ugajin is especially in good shape. He started in the last 2 games. Against FC Tokyo, Ugajin contributed to Reds’ victory when he was able to show his speed and went into the opponent’s penalty area drawing a foul and winning the team a penalty. Ponte duly converted the penalty and opened the scoring for Reds.

“I am a defensive midfielder so my job is to defend. But I want to contribute in attack as well.”
Just like what he said, he was able to contribute to the team in attack.

Besides him, Team Manager Volker Finke applauded Nobuhisa Yamada and Keisuke Tsuboi. “The 2 centre backs had great control of the game, which I am very satisfied with.” The 2 experienced players are in very good shape as well. We trust they will defend well in the game against Montedio.

It is still cold in Yamagata in March. The current weather forecast suggests “stormy” weather on Sunday. Under such condition, Reds are required to concentrate fully on the game from the beginning.

For those who will go to Yamagata or watch the game on TV to support Reds, let’s give 100% support to the players and win the game together.

【Urawa Reds Official Media (URD : OM) 】