Official Press Conference the day before the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup final match  

An official press conference was held for the 2011 J League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup final match in a hotel in Tokyo on 28 October 2011. Team Manager Oswaldo De Oliveira and Mitsuo Ogasawara from Kashima Antlers and Team Manager Takafumi Hori and Keita Suzuki from Urawa Reds attended the conference.

MC: First of all, I would like to ask both teams’ team managers about their determinations for tomorrow’s match and their impressions about their opponent team.

Team Manager Takafumi Hori: My name is Hori from Urawa Reds. Since the match we will play tomorrow will be a title match, all my team members are extremely looking forward to it. I believe that there will be so many supporters coming to the stadium to see us tomorrow. As such, we would like to do all our best to make the match worthy of the title match.

Team Manager Oswaldo De Oliveira: Hello, everyone. It is such an honour for me that our team will be able to play the final match against Urawa Reds in the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup. I think there will be so many supporters and soccer fans coming to see us in the stadium tomorrow. I would like to show a high quality match worthy of the final and hope that we can fulfil their expectations tomorrow.

MC: Next, I would like to ask both teams’ captains about their goals for tomorrow’s match.

Keita Suzuki: I am very excited about us being able to play in the final match against Kashima Antlers which has a very long history and has won many titles. I expect the match will be a very tough match for our team. But, I look forward to our young players’ great performance tomorrow. I would also like us to play a type of match which can carry us through for the rest of the J. League season.

Mitsuo Ogasawara: We have played against Urawa Reds so many times till now. We cannot avoid Urawa Reds if we are to win the title. Urawa Reds has great players, staff members and supporters. I heard that all the tickets for tomorrow’s match were fully sold out. Since we have such a wonderful opponent and an excellent stadium for us tomorrow, I am very much looking forward to our match and I believe that we will be able to have a good match tomorrow. For this reason, we would like to unite our team members as one in order to achieve a good result tomorrow.
[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]