Match against Albirex Niigata-Abe scores goals in two matches in a row to bring a third consecutive victory to the team  

Sanou made his debut to play in an official match and assisted superbly! Yuki Abe scored two goals and the team won the match for the third time in a row without allowing Albirex to score any goals.

The sixth sec. J. League match the Reds played against Albirex Niigata was held in the Tohoku Denryoku Big Swan Stadium with kick off at 16:03 on 10 April. The match started with the Reds’ kick off. Right side back player Tadaaki Hirakawa was selected as one of the starting line up members after four matches since the second sec match against FC Tokyo. Keita Suzuki also played as a starting line up member after three matches since the match against Montedio Yamagata wearing a captain mark.

Both teams struggled from the beginning of the match without being able to pass the ball well. During the first few minutes, they both were unable to create decisive opportunities. At 16 minutes into the match, Tomoya Ugajin who was playing in the left side back position hurt his foot. As a result, Sanou who joined the team from this season replaced him. Sanou’s debut to play as part of the team appeared out of nowhere and he played in the left side position in which, according to Team Manager Finke, Sanou had never played before. However, as he has had experienced many matches while he played in the German League, his performance was impressive. He shot a header shot as the first touch of his J. League debut performance. He performed stably with his own unique tempo by making no mistakes and showed reliable foot techniques, high jumping skills as well as throwing a long ball without having much motion. As one of the eleven players, he joined the team comfortably to play in the match and kept the team under control.
Sanou was in good rhythm and his attacking speed picked up during the second half of the match. At 73 minutes into the match, Sanou passed the ball to Abe very tactfully after receiving the ball from Tatusya. Alive and kicking striker Abe fired a volley into the left side of the goal and the Reds scored the first goal.
The team picked up the momentum even further. At 81 minutes into the match, Abe scored another goal with his left foot after he received the grounder free kick ball from Ponte and the Reds led the match with the score of 2 to 0.
Team Manager Finke introduced Satoshi Horinouchi and Genki Haraguchi onto the pitch towards the end of the match to finish the match in good condition. The match ended with the score of 2 to 0 which brought the team seven consecutive victories in matches played against the Albirex.

It was an excellent day for a soccer match with the day time temperature went over 20℃. The team played among the wonderful cheering of supporters who made up the sea of red behind the away goal post. After the match, the supporters screamed out a call saying “go Sanou!”

For the next match, Urawa Reds will play in the 2010 Yamazaki Nabisco Cup qualifying round second sec against Vissel Kobe at Homes Stadium Kobe from 19:00 o’clock on Wednesday 14 April. The team will play an away match with the hope to win the Yamazaki Nabisco Cup preliminary match.

[Comments made after the match]
Comment from Norihiro Yamagishi
Yamada and Tsuboi did not allow the two tops of the opponent team to create many opportunities today. Keita and Abe blocked the attack of the Albirex’s main player Richardes as well. For this reason, I had nothing much to do. I think this type of match is great. I did not think our opponent attempted many goals at all.
(The Reds have not lost the past seven consecutive matches against the Albirex.) Is that so? That must be true as we did not lose a match against them last year. Having said that, I do not think about this type of thing much. I had the impression that this was the case last year. Our Team Manager says that even when we play against the team ranked at the bottom, the match always starts with the score of 0 to 0. I always have this in mind whenever I play in a match.
(What do you think of Abe?) He has his own style and is excellent. I think he has no reservations and plays in the way he wants to. His strong point is the fact that he can score goals. When he scored the first goal, I saw an open course from behind. He kicked the ball right into that open space. The first goal he made was scored in an ideal way which our team manager aspires all of us to do.

Comment from Yuki Abe
We struggled for a while during the first half of the match and our opponent controlled the game. When we started to play the second half of the match, I tried to have a fresh start. I felt that the team gradually started to play as a team compared to how we were during the first half. I am glad that we were able to score the first goal.
(Were you planning to score goals?) Whenever there are opportunities, I would like to score some goals. However, it does not matter who scores the goals as long as we can win. I hope that our team develops into the type of team in which many different players can score goals. I will do my best during the next Yamazaki Nabisco Cup match.

Comment from Sanou
It was the first time for me to play in the left side back position. I am content with the fact that I was able to join in the match in a really good way and that I performed quite well. I thought it was important for me to have a smooth beginning for the sake of my team.
(What did you think of your move which assisted Abe to score the goal?) I understand that I must play as a member of the team. For this reason, even though I had the option of playing a back pass at that time, since I saw Abe, I made the right out side pass to him without any hesitation.
What was very important for me was to play well in front of all the supporters. I am happy about myself. Having said that, the most important thing was to score three points by winning the match today.
The Team Manager commended me for my good performance. But, at the same time, he said to me in an encouraging way that I could have even play better. Since I have not played in official matches for a long time, I need to make some adjustment.
(Did you hear the supporters’ call?) Yes, I did. It was fantastic. Our supporters’ cheering was wonderful.

[Urawa Reds Official Media (URD: OM)]