Looking towards a first away victory for the season  

The 4th J.League game against Cerezo Osaka will be held at Osaka Nagai Stadium at 4 pm on 27th March.

The last game held in Yamagata ended in a draw even though Reds scored first. Reds’ is currently 10th in the table at 4 points from 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss. We definitely want our first away win from the next game to make it 2 wins.

The former body of Cerezo Osaka is a prestigious football team, Yanmar Diesel Soccer Club that produced Kunishige Kamamoto. In 1995, Cerezo Osaka joined the J.League. Even though they might finish a season in the lower half of the table, they could very well be in line to win championship the following season. Such is their potential.

In recent years, Cerezo Osaka had been playing in J2 after they were relegated from J1 in 2006. However, their play has improved throughout last season and they managed to finish 2nd in J2, earning themselves promotion to J1 this season. The last game Reds had with Cerezo was the 20th sec held at Osaka Nagai Stadium on 26th August 2006. The game finished Cerezo 1-2 Reds.

Their comeback was possible because of 2 national team midfielders Shinji Kagawa and Takashi Inui. Their mesmerizing dribbling can cause problems to an opposing team, creating chances for the strikers to score goals. In addition, they have another skilled player, Martinez, who is playing his 2nd year with Cerezo.

This will be Team Manager Levir Culpi’s 4th year in-charge. As they have brought in a lot of new players before the start of the season, their weak point might be that the teamwork may not be that strong as the players have not got used to each other yet. As for Reds, we need to create more chances and stay focused on scoring more goals. However, it is not wise to just throw men forward to attack all the way. Cerezo lost their first game 0-3 and then changed their tactic to be more defensive in the 2nd game. “If we commit too many players in attack, we will be vulnerable to their counterattack”, says Yosuke Kashiwagi. As he mentions, Reds are required to be flexible in our play and patient in attacking.
Against Cerezo, we have a 10-1-11 record. This suggests that the 2 teams are quite equally matched. Cerezo who have yet to win this season will try to achieve their first victory after being promoted to J1 and play passionately. Hence, the flexibility in play (boldness and carefulness) is important for us.

It is said that cherry trees are in full bloom around Osaka Nagai Stadium. With our passion, we will change the colour of the sakura flower to red and gain our first away victory.

【Urawa Reds Official Media (URD : OM) 】