J.League vs Yokohama FC  

2007 J.League 34th sec,1 December 2007 14:34 Kick off at Nissan Stadium

Match Result
Yokohama FC(1-0)Urawa Reds

Goals:17min NEJIME(Yokohama)


Comment of the Holger OSIECK(Team-Manager)
I am now really disappointed that we could not defend the title, which was one of our goals this season.
I am feeling really sad now but I thanked and praised all our players in the locker room. What the players have done this season was truly brilliant.
I think the players did their best today especially in the second half to win the game from behind. Thinking back from about one month ago, the players were physically and mentally very exhausted. Everyone worried about the condition of the players but I have always answers that there was no need to worry. However, to tell the truth, they were dreadfully worn out.
Another factor is the final of ACL Champions League. After winning the championship, we lost concentration, which we were able to maintain for a long time. However, I think it is quite natural for this to happen after accomplishing a great feat. Nevertheless, players fought to the last minute in such a circumstance. We can take pride in the achievement of the Asian title. It had been proven that it is not an easy task to win two titles in the same season.
I want to congratulate Kashima Antlers for winning the championship with a wonderful result.