J.League vs Tokyo Verdy   

2008 J.League 2nd Day 17th sec,17 July 2008 19:31 Kick off at Saitama Stadium 2002

Match Result
Urawa Reds (3-2) Tokyo Verdy

Goals:7min HULK(PK・Tokyo V),23・36(PK)・58min TULIO, 41min DIEGO(Tokyo V)


Comment of the Gert Engels(Team-Manager)
”We were able to play well today for the most part of the 90 minutes. We had a good start and all the players played very well until the end. If some things were different, I do not think we would have won the game by 3 to 2. If players were able to perform slightly better in crucial moments, the game may have been easier for us. We cannot complain about our opponent making two goals in the first half despite the narrow chance they had. What was important was that we were able to keep on attacking. Even though our opponent scored 2 points earlier on, we managed to make two goals straight in a row to catch up with them. It was mentally quite challenging for the players. However, they managed to overcome such challenges and made a fresh start when they returned to play in the second half. Our team won the game in the end and this was very good.”

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