J.League vs Omiya Ardija   

2008 J.League 2nd Day 25th sec,21 September 2008 18:00 Kick off at NACK5 Stadium Omiya

Match Result
Omiya Ardija (0-1) Urawa Reds

Goals:27min TAKAHARA


Comment of the Gert Engels(Team-Manager)
”We played very well from the get go. We started the game with two attackers. As our opponent is good at passes and aims for the ball when it is in the vital area, I did not want to let them play passes. Or I wanted our team to intercept their passes. I also wanted our team players to play aggressively and proactively today. In order to let our team members know this, I started the game with two attackers. We played really well from the start until we had to stop the game midway through the first half of the game. We had to wait for more than 30 minutes. Naturally, it is difficult for players to pick up the momentum once a game stops. Unlike the game we fought against the Antlers (27 July, 19th sec), both our team as well as the opponent could not pick up the momentum. However, we managed to play the game at our own pace later on and we scored the first goal. There were many points to be raised in regards to the second half of the game. But, after all, it was possible for us to win the game as long as we would not concede goals since the score till then was 1 to 0. It would have been much easier for us to play if it had been possible for us to score another goal. We played our game well both systematically and from a game point of view. However, it was not good that we were not able to score the second goal. As we did not score another goal, our players struggled slightly in the last 10 minutes in terms of long passes and power play. For this reason, even though we played very well, it would have been better if we were able to score another goal earlier. This is our challenge to resolve in our next game.

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