J.League vs Omiya Ardija   

2007 J.League 24th Sec,1 September 2007 19:03 Kick off at Saitama Stadium 2002

Match Result
Urawa Reds(0-1)Omiya Ardija

Goals: 60min MORITA(Omiya)

Comment of the Holger OSIECK(Team-Manager)
We had been winning for quite a long time and today this loss came.
Today’s game was a typical one. The opponent, who is identified as the outsider, showed something beyond their ability. Our team could not work things quite well. We showed fighting spirits and we were able to give pressure to the opponent, especially in the second half, both in offence and defense. However, we were not able to hit the back of the net. There were some factors that could not be explained. Of course, I am not happy with this loss and we have to admit this loss. However, this is not the world’s end.
We must not forget what we have gone through. I think the quality of the games we have been showing is high. However, our team is quite exhausted in exchange. A game like today will happen in the world of soccer.
We will have a short break from tomorrow so we will put on our strengths back and devote our energy to the rest of the games in J League.

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